Anatomy of a Kiss


Republisher’s Note: This is a nice slightly more complicated than normal college fanfic. Be aware that it takes place in a slightly alternative universe where relationships between professors and grad students aren’t banned. Also be aware the language got a little raw.

Revisiting this post as once again “Michelle’s research” has been published once again.

“Anatomy of a Kiss” – Grad student Michelle becomes Prof. Danny’s TA, but they don’t let that stop them after he helps her with her special research project.😉

Anatomy of a Kiss

The moment eternal – just that and no more –
When ecstasy’s utmost we clutch at the core
While cheeks burn, arms open, eyes shut, and lips meet!
— Robert Browning (1812-1889)

His lips were just so damned good. I know good is an awfully elementary word with little poetic value, but that’s the only word I can think of to describe them. His lips were good and everything they did to me was even better. The familiar heat burns between my legs as the tiny hairs on my arms and neck stand up when his image sweeps through my mind. I cross my legs, trying desperately to ease the wonderful ache only he can cure. Suddenly, the librarian pushes a metal cart of books by me, momentarily stealing my thoughts. It’s finals week at Springfield University and the library is suddenly the most popular place on campus. I am sitting here for the tenth hour, attempting to finish grading the stack of term papers from the undergraduate psychology class I taught this semester. Graduate school has been the most challenging part of my life so far, but thanks to those good lips and a very talented man who knows how to use them, this semester is one I will never ever forget.

I reign my thoughts back in and return to the navy blue three-ring binder that joins the piles of papers and books on the table before me. Slowly, I open the cover and my eyes immediately are drawn to the typewritten analysis tucked in the front folder. The research project that had become my passion over the last year earned me an ‘A’ and a recommendation from the visiting professor who assessed my work to submit my findings to several publishers. I smile as I read his final comment.

“You have shown through creativity, passion and science that a kiss is not just a kiss. It is perhaps the most intimate contact two humans can share, it is the first bridging of the bodies, and in some cases, the souls. Good work, Ms. Bauer. I can only hope to see more of it in the future. A lot more of it.”

My project was my baby, my pride and joy. Of course my closest friends and family thought I was nuts for devoting my graduate thesis to such a sultry subject, but to me it was fascinating. Ever since Bill Lewis pressed his lips against mine in the third grade I have been captivated by the notion of a kiss. Why do humans do it? What happens emotionally, physically, sexually when two halves become one? How does one pleasure passionately yet another fail miserably? These were only a few of my questions and I was determined to answer them scientifically. Studying the anatomy of the kiss became my mission. It became my life. After teaching undergrad classes for eight hours every day, I would spend my nights locked in the basement laboratory of the biochemistry building observing couples kiss. I would watch and listen and film. Then I would interview them, monitor their vitals and stimuli. I’d add touching. I’d take hands away. I’d change up the light, modify the temperature. Play music, insist on silence. I studied lips on lips, lips on every part of skin you could imagine. And still, I did not find the conclusion that would dull that natural, burning desire I had to crack the mystery behind the perfect kiss.

Until him. Until his lips. Until his kiss.


…It was nearly 2 a.m. and I was logging the last of the night’s film when I sensed his presence. The soft echo of his footsteps on the hardwood floors startled me. Thayer Hall had a history that included ghost stories that even scared me. Before I could turn to see him I felt him. I know that sounds strange, but it’s the truth. The lower-level lab was always chilly but when he walked in a warmth enveloped me. An aroma that was both sweet and, well, just plain manly, intoxicated me. Suddenly shaken, I fumbled for the remote control and paused the tape. I tried desperately to quickly find the lights — a task he was able to beat me to.

“I hope I didn’t startle you.”

His voice. My God his voice.

“As a matter of fact you did,” I reach for his hand, giving it a firm shake. “I’m sorry. I don’t believe we’ve met.” Whoever this man is, he’s beautiful. He’s got these dark, tiny little curls that are perfectly imperfect. His eyes are absolutely gorgeous and I can immediately tell what lies behind his windows is a soul I definitely want to see. The gorgeous brown eyes are merely one part of his gorgeous face. He’s wearing a crisp white shirt that looks plain but is obviously expensive under a slim three-button black jacket. He looks like he could be a model, an actor maybe. But I instinctively know that is not the case. I feel his fingers squeeze gently around my hand.

“Danny,” he says pulling a pair of silver-framed glasses from inside his suit jacket. “I’m visiting from Stanford. You are?”

“Michelle. I’m a graduate student here.” I cannot believe that’s the most intelligent thing I can say. But words are the last thing on my mind right now. His hand is so soft, yet so strong. Gently, he lifts it to his lips and places a soft kiss against my knuckles, causing tingles to travel from my fingers through to my spine.

“I don’t mean to barge in on your work. I was just walking back from the library and I overheard some of your subjects discussing the project. It sounds like fascinating work, Michelle.” He’s put on the glasses and is peering at the large screen on which a frozen image of a blond man and an unusually attractive brunette woman locking lips. I didn’t think his eyes could be more spectacular until he placed the silver wire-framed glasses on his face. I was speechless as he titled his head slightly to the right to study the video. “What’s got you so hot and bothered about swapping spit?”

Slowly, I slide my hand from his and return to the black leather sofa before the television screen where a slew of papers is spread across the space. “See, that’s why I’m doing this study. It is not swapping spit. It’s much more than that.”

“How so?” Now he’s joined me on the sofa and again my nerves are overtaking me. I can feel his eyes piercing through me even though my own are focused on the television. For a moment, I move my eyes down to the floor and I see that he’s wearing black patent leather Italian shoes. Very expensive Italian shoes.

“Kissing is an art. And it’s a science. Did you know that a kiss, if executed properly, can stimulate more nerves in a woman’s body than intercourse?”

He arches an eyebrow in surprise, then stares through me with fiery eyes. “It’s been my own conclusion that anything done properly can satisfy a woman,” he purrs. I don’t know who the hell this man thinks he is, but as much as I hate to admit it he’s turning me on. Nothing like this has ever happened to me. I’ve never been affected by a man or anyone the way this man is affecting me. Not realizing what I’m doing, I run my hands down my chest and rest them on my lap, wringing my hands nervously. Trying to break the sexual tension between us, I scoot a few inches away from him. “Now see, look at this guy’s technique. It’s all wrong.”

“What do you mean it’s all wrong?”

“First of all his hands are hanging at his sides. A woman and her curves were made to be caressed, especially when she’s being kissed. And you can tell that he’s practically choking her by shoving his tongue in her mouth. A tongue is not a drill. It is a tool, mind you. But a tool to pleasure, not to repulse.”

“How can you tell that she’s repulsed? She didn’t mention that in the interview.”

“Look at the tension in her face. She’s trying to let it feel good but she can’t because it doesn’t. A real kiss just happens. There’s no thought, no trying. It just happens.”

When he speaks I can’t help but look at his own lips, glistened with wetness. When he smiles I can’t help but see the beautiful, white teeth and imagine them biting my nipples. The words don’t even sink in as I watch the tip of his tongue dart out quickly and run across his bottom lip before returning to his mouth. I suddenly feel the urge to suck on that bottom lip and feel his tongue inside of my mouth. “You sound like an expert, Danny.”

His laugh is playful and seductive. “There are a few ladies in the world who might agree with that.”

“I’d love to include you in my study. Since you’re such an expert and all.” The space I put between us a few seconds ago has now been closed as I inch nearer to him. His eyes have left the screen and returned to me.

“Include me? No thanks. I don’t think I should let you film me sucking face with a coed. That could be very dangerous for a man in my position.”

“Kiss me.” The order shocks me as much as it surprises him. “No film,” I say as I lean in towards him. “I just want to pick your brain.”

Laughing quietly, it’s obvious he’s both flattered and uncomfortable with my proposition. Slowly, his smile fades and he looks at me with so much intensity I’m almost frightened. His eyes are studying my face, I can tell. They are focused on my lips now. I shiver against his touch when his soft fingertips run up my hands to my arms and finally rest on either side of my face. Gently, he pulls me to him and I can feel his hot breath vibrating against my lips, slightly parting in anticipation. “Lesson number one: a kiss isn’t just about the lips,” he says as my eyes begin to flutter shut. I am waiting to feel his mouth on mine, but instead his pillowy lips press against my forehead, trailing a sweet path down my face. He skips over my lips, drawing an embarrassing yet necessary moan from me. I open my eyes just enough to see his smile return before his lips rejoin my skin just below my chin. “A kiss has everything to do with your mind and your body. Lips are just a part of it,” he speaks against my throat where his mouth is feasting, painfully slow and gentle.

He slides his hands from my cheeks to reach down for my hands and places them on his chest. Unable to speak, I sigh deeply and lean my head back to allow him access to my neck and chest. “A kiss can be a secret of seduction that only two people share,” he says in between several soft pecks down the column of my throat. “Or it can be a lover’s mark for all to see.” Again I moan when he begins sucking on a spot just above my collar bone right above my right breast. Several seconds later, he places a gentle kiss on the area now marked with a dark red spot that looks almost like a tiny heart. My eyes are focused on that spot and the heat within me grows as I see my own milky white breasts heaving up and down with desire. He again takes my hands and moves them down his chest to rest on his lap. Slowly, he removes his glasses and sits them on the table.

“I’ve never thought of a kiss that way,” I say, meeting his eyes for the first time in several minutes. I see a satisfying sense of accomplishment that pisses me off as much as it turns me on. I cannot believe I am letting this stranger do this to me.

“You want me to kiss your lips. You want to feel my mouth on yours.”

“I don’t want anything, Danny. Well, I do want to hear your thoughts for my project, that’s all. They’re very insightful.” I take my hands away from his lap and grab a pen. Turning to face the television again, I try to write but I’m shaking too badly.

Chuckling softly, he moves closer to me, resting his chin on my shoulder. I can feel his tongue tracing the grooves inside my ear and as much as I want to push him away and tell his smug ass to go to hell, I am paralyzed. I fight the urge to close my eyes but when his teeth grip my lobe I’m a goner. “Tell me you don’t want me to kiss you and I’ll get up and leave.”

Silently I turn towards him and our eyes meet. What seems like an eternity must be in reality only a few seconds. Like our stare was a magnet neither one of us could ignore, our lips finally meet in a wild connection that leaves both of us breathless immediately. He ravishes me with his lips, sucking on mine as if he’s feasting on his last meal. As another moan falls from my lips his tongue enters my mouth and I return the deed. Jolts of ecstasy literally shoot through my body and there is no question that I want this man and I want him now. “I don’t want you to leave,” I manage as I unbutton his shirt. “I want you to kiss me. I want you ….” I can’t get the words out. I cannot believe I am thinking this let alone saying it.

Suddenly he pulls away, smiling with bruised and swollen lips. “You want me to what? To make love to you?” He’s whispering against my breasts, now almost fully exposed through my unbuttoned yellow blouse. When I don’t answer he drags his tongue between the crevasse of my chest and along my throat until is mouth is nearly on mine again. “You want me to fuck you?”

Never removing my eyes from his, I slide my left hand down his chest, pulling his shirt from his pants. With a hard, quick squeeze I find him and I know he wants me as much as I want him. “Do you want to fuck me?”

He answers me with another beautiful smile and another intoxicating kiss. Blindly, he stands and I join him. Our hands work feverishly to rid ourselves of our clothes, which end up littered throughout the lab. I can’t help but giggle when I see my white bikini briefs dangling from a microscope. The giggle is replaced with a gasp and a loud moan when he unexpectedly thrashes me against the glass wall of the observation booth and enters me in one swift motion while kissing me deeply. I can feel the cold glass against my warm skin as his hands cup my ass and he grinds against me. I wrap my legs around his waist and try to take as much of him as I can. Just as I begin to climb towards my first peak, he twirls me around and clumsily we end up on one of the lab tables. Test tubes and other equipment crash to the floor as the waves within me crash to a glorious release. But my pleasure does not end there as Danny again lifts my body effortlessly and we return to the sofa. He collapses on me never ceasing to pleasure me. He pushes my arms above my head and they hang over the arm of the sofa. Another powerful orgasm begins to attack me as he laces his fingers with mine. I know he is near release when he squeezes my hands tightly, causing them to go numb. When he begins to spill into me, his lips again claim mine and we end our tryst the way it began: with a kiss.

Breathless, exhausted and completely satisfied we lie there on the sofa with the warm glow of the television illuminating our naked bodies in the dark lab. What happened is something I never in a million years expected. But it was something I will never, ever forget. “Does that help your research, Michelle?”

“I think I’ve got a whole new perspective on this subject now, Danny. Tonight gave me the breakthrough I’ve been searching for,” I say with a smile.

“Good,” he slowly leaves my side, causing a haunting chill to wrap around my body. I watch him intensely in the warm light as he finds his clothes. Watching him dress is nearly as satisfying as getting him undressed. He leaves the top three buttons of his shirt open and tucks the now slightly-wrinkled garment into his slacks, leaving the silver-buckled Gucci belt unlatched. He replaces the glasses and leans down to kiss me one final time. “It was very nice to meet you, Michelle.” His lips linger on mine then travel up to my forehead, where he presses his mouth before heading towards the door. Before I can say a word, he’s gone. As mysteriously as he entered my life, he’s disappeared.

Still shaking, I slowly gather my clothes and dress. I sit on the sofa and stare at the imagines on the screen blankly. I’m not really sure if the past hour was a dream, fantasy or reality. But whatever it was, I have the inspiration to finish my thesis. I place my laptop on the table before me and begin typing, trying desperately to get all of the thoughts dancing through my brain down before they are gone. I typed for nearly 24 hours until my final thought was on paper. The project that had occupied every part of my life for months was suddenly a closed book. The deep, dark secret I was determined to unlock was now a mystery solved. I stare down at the many marks he left on my body and smile to myself. I may never see this man again but he will never be forgotten.

Whistling happily to myself, I’m walking down the long corridor to hand in my thesis. I have been waiting for this day for more than a year now and it’s both a relief and sort of sad. Two days have passed since the experience in the lab with Danny. I’ve convinced myself that it was all a dream. Until I feel him near me again. The familiar warmth returns and I’d recognize that smell anywhere. I am frozen in the doorway of the lecture hall where my academic advisor and several other members of the medical school staff are gathered to accept graduate projects. They are congregated near the front of the room, laughing loudly as he speaks. He’s got those glasses on again and he’s dressed in a tan silk suit.

“Michelle, please come in,” my advisor has spotted me before I could get away. “I want you to meet Professor Santos. Daniel was just sharing some stories from his recent stint in Rome. Professor Santos is a visiting fellow from Stanford. He’ll be helping us evaluate the projects this semester. He’ll also be sharing some of his wonderful insight with us next semester by teaching a few psychology classes. I had just recommended you to the professor for a teaching assistant position. I hope you don’t mind. Ms. Bauer is one of our finest students, Professor Santos.”

I really don’t think I can find words. I actually think I may faint. I cannot believe the man who brought me to absolute ecstasy in a wild, one-night stand is a professor in my department who will be grading my thesis. And now my advisor wants me to be his assistant? I honestly think I am going to faint. Coolly, Danny steps to me and reaches for my hand. “I do believe we’ve met,” he says, smiling. “Michelle was kind enough to allow me to contribute some ideas to her project.” Nervously, I take my hand and clutch the tiny cardboard box that contains a year’s worth of work close to my body. Leaning close, he takes the box as he whispers in my ear. “Relax. Your secret’s safe with me.”

“I would love to have Michelle join me next semester. But only if she wants to do me the honor,” he says to the group, which is totally oblivious to our connection. “I’m absolutely intrigued by this idea of analyzing a kiss. What an interesting topic. I’d love to learn more.”

Smiling, my eyes find his lips and I remember the pleasure they gave me. “I’d love to show you more,” I say, knowing he understands.

“Wonderful! I’ll make sure you get the appropriate paperwork, Michelle. In the meantime, we’ll be evaluating the projects over the next few weeks. We’ll call you in the next few weeks for presentations.” I barely hear my advisor as I continue to stare at Danny.

“OK, thank you Professor Haines.” I brush softly against Danny as I head for the door, extending my hand for a good-bye shake. “I’ll be in touch.”

“Please do,” he smiles, winking ever so slightly as he clutches my hand. “I’ll be waiting.”…


…The smile on my face must make me look ridiculous in the library that’s filled with miserable students preparing for finals. But every time I think back to that experience almost three months ago I can’t help but smile. And of course it makes me hot as hell.

“Good afternoon, sexy,” his voice sends chills through me as he comes up from behind and places a soft kiss in the crook of my neck.

Smiling, I turn to him, kissing him gently. “Good afternoon professor.”

“Please share your secret. How do you manage to look so blissful while grading papers?” He takes the seat in front of me, immediately reaching for my hand. “I have yet to conquer that challenge.”

Leaning in towards the man who has become the love of my life, I take his face in my hands and place a kiss on his lips. “That’s how ,” I whisper. “I think of your kiss.”

The End

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