Set Visit 1977

Revisit the Guiding Light set back in 1977.

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Join us for a visit to the Guiding Light set courtesy of the January 1977 issue of Soap Opera Digest:

Find photos of Stephen Yates (Ben McFerron, Hope’s sometime fiance who ends up in a huge legal mess), Robin Mattson (Hope Bauer, Mike’s daughter, Ed’s niece, Michelle’s cousin), Millette Alexander (Dr. Sarah Werner- who I still don’t really remember although I’m learning a lot of her story), Don Stewart (Mike “Awesome Sauce” Bauer – who needs no introduction), Fran Myers (Peggy Fletcher Thorpe), Stefan Schnabel (Dr. Stephen Jackson, Rick’s grandfather, Ed’s mentor), Tony Call (Dr. Joe Werner, Sarah Werner’s husband), Jordan Clarke (Dr. Tim Ryan, his character before Billy Lewis who romanced Rita Stapleton’s little sister), Thomas O’Rourke (Dr. Justin Marler, acting nothing like the Justin I loved later), Jane Grey (Evie Stapleton, Rita’s little sister), and Michael Zaslow (Roger Thorpe).

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