Lighthouse Barn Quilts

I haven’t done many of these lately, but I created WSPR news reports both flashing back and reporting what may be going on now. This is one of the favorite ones I completely. Check it out!

Glmanny's Blog

Another current report from Springfield coming from Sharon Scott of WSPR. This time Blake Marler, still involved with Frank and managing Company, has come up with a new idea to promote Springfield. Blake and Frank, along with Jason, Kevin, and Clarissa (who didn’t evaporate after all) went on an antiquing jaunt over to Iowa. There they ran into a bunch of barn quilt projects (which while the exist all across the country are particularly common in Iowa) and found a lighthouse quilt (which actually popped up in my image search when I was looking for lighthouses and I totally love it – clearly it’s an art quilt & not an antique one, but what would Blake know about quilts anyway?). She organized a community wide barn quilt program with quilt squares being put up all around Springfield with a lighthouse theme in the hope that tourists will follow the “lighthouse…

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