Salerno Before and After

Revisiting a classic post from my series of Before and After where an actor was on the show in a bit part and returned in a larger one.

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Often Guiding Light would try out an actor in a small part and then bringing him or her back in a larger part some time later. I’m going to start a few posts showing clips of these actors before and after.

My second entry is the man who played mob boss Vinnie Salerno. Salerno was played by John Fiore, best known today for a supporting role in Meet the Parents.  Back in 1997, Fiore played the prison guard who tried to coerce Abby Blume Bauer (then wrongly imprisoned for the murder of Roy Meecham) into sleeping with him and generally was abusive and corrupt.  Abby and Salena Davis organized the women inmates to make a stand against him which lead to his exposure. Fiore returned to Guiding Light in 2003 as Vinnie Salerno. (See the character description below.)

Find out about Fiore‘s other roles here:


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