I Am A Man Speech Again

Revisiting a favorite post.

Glmanny's Blog

I Am a ManI’ve been terribly slow with the episode guide stuff lately because bad things are coming to Manny and while I know there is hope and happiness on the other side it’s still hard to watch. It’s kind of like visiting a dentist and I admit I’ve been putting it off, but if we’re ever going to make any progress I’ve got to buckle down and start again. But the next post has a lot of stuff in it, once I plunge in I intend to go as quick as I can with big chunks and ignoring my own watch twice again before posting rule. In short I didn’t get all of the next chronological post watched yet and since that means I haven’t been able to match up the clips with the written episode guide it really isn’t ready to post, so I decided to go ahead tonight and post…

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