It’s Only Soaps shared this definition with me and I think it’s fitting word to leave the holiday season.

Hiraeth – Homesickness for a place that maybe never was. To soap opera fans, soap operas aren’t just TV shows, it’s where our family lives. Now we’re not insane, we know it’s just a TV show, but having people come into your living room every single day makes them feel like a part of your life like no other genre does. You know these people, you are there for their joys and their tragedies, you lend them a shoulder to cry on and you know that the best burger in town (except during the Bauer BBQ) is at Company and that Ross Marler is the best lawyer in town and Laurel Falls or the beach by the lighthouse the best places to just get away. When TV shows become your stories, you become part of the story and even though you know you really don’t on some level you do live in Springfield or Oakdale. You think back fondly on Grandma Bert’s apple pie and your mouth waters at the idea of Eleni’s Baklava. This time of year especially you get homesick for a place you’ve never really been. Just know you’re not alone and the much like old home movies your memories of days and people gone by are just waiting to be played. Be sure to take a little time this year and nostalgically visit the old place that closest to your heart.


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