Where is Rick during Danny’s Trial?

Rick Michelle Robbie 2001

Rick Michelle Robbie 2001

The last few episode guide posts made me wonder – Where is Rick? It seems like a big miss that Rick isn’t there. Sure Rick had a heavy storyline of his own right now (Harley is having his baby while Phillip wasn’t quite sure they were done), but he was there every day when Michelle was on trial and really helped Danny too. That Rick is so totally absent seems like a big miss.

Sure, Rick’s relationship with Danny didn’t start out in a good place, but by Michelle’s trial he had come to accept Danny loved Michelle. There was a reasonable backtrack when Michelle divorced him, but once Michelle confided to him that Danny had killed Carmen in order to save Michelle’s life, Rick jumped on the Manny train. He even risked his life pretending to be Danny when the hitmen attacked the house. So for him to not even seem to care when Danny was on trial for that same self-sacrificing act seems way out of character.

Since Rick had so much screen time with the other story, I’m not saying that had to have Rick sit there all day, every day like Blake did (when this was her prime storyline at the time), but Rick should have at least made an appearance at the start or end of every soap day. At the VERY least they should have shown him offering both Danny and Michelle emotional support occasionally. Now there could be some missing scenes not in the highlight clips, but I don’t think so which means Rick hasn’t had a meaningful scene with either one since the Bauer BBQ which was a couple of weeks in real time and since Danny’s trial started.

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