Danny Trial Part 2 July 12-13 2001

Thurs., July 12, 2001 – At the Courthouse: Doris tells the Judge that she has a surprise witness. She calls Maria Santos (Danny’s Abuela) to the stand. Everyone is shocked and Ross finally objects to something. The judge allows the witness because no one knew Maria would be available and Doris goes in to her questioning. Maria seems to be supporting the state’s case. Doris asks Maria if she talked to Danny the night Carmen died. She tells her that he was angry with Carmen for getting in between him and his wife and when he asked her where Carmen was she told him she was at the docks. Doris is pleased. Danny tells Ross that Maria is lying. Ross asks for a short break before he questions Maria. Ross comes in and asks Maria if she knows what this book is about and holds up a copy of Blake’s novel, Hearts Alone. She acts dumb and he tells her that it is a story of a mob wife having her husband killed because he refused to tell her the name of his mistress. He goes on to tell her that most people believe it is the story of Carmen Santos and how she had Maria’s son Miguel Santos killed. Doris objects saying that a work of fiction can’t be evidence, but Ross counters it isn’t the book itself, but Maria’s reaction to it that’s important and the judge allows it. Ross asks Maria if she read the book and realized that Carmen was responsible for her son’s death. He pressures her and he finally admits that she did and she hated Carmen. She tells Ross that she wanted Carmen dead and she sent Danny to the docks because he was furious and she wanted him to take his mother out. She admits that she never told Danny that his mother was still alive, only that he could find his wife down by the docks and he must get there immediately if he wants to spare her life. She goes on to say that Carmen was not fit to live; she was a cancer on her family. She had to be thrown away with the garbage. Maria tells the jury that she couldn’t be the one to pull the trigger. That is a job for underlings although she would have loved to done it. Everyone is shocked at Maria’s testimony and Doris and Gus look very upset. Ross reminds Maria that she only mentioned Michelle being at the docks, not Carmen and that is who Danny rushed off to find. He finishes with her and the judge calls a recess. Ross tells Danny and Michelle that he wanted Maria to look like the one pulling the strings so they would be more empathetic to Danny. Maria comes over and tells them that Ross is right and he made her job a lot easier. Danny is upset and calls her crazy. He asks if she planned this whole scene from the beginning and asks her why. She tells him she came back to deliberately help him by taking some of the blame herself. She did it to help him.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YN_5sQtRufU (Overlaps a little with yesterday)

Fri., July 13, 2001 – At the Bauers: Michelle is talking to Danny about his grandmother’s testimony. (This is one of the most awkward recaps I’ve ever seen, but in the writing not the performance.) Danny tells her that Maria will never change. Even if she really did do this to help him he was sure there was something else in it for her. Michelle tells him that at least the jury can see that someone other then Danny had a motive to kill Carmen. Danny tells her that it doesn’t matter since he knows he is guilty. Michelle goes upstairs and brings Robbie down. Danny is depressed, but when he sees his son he perks up to talk happily to the baby. Michelle tells him Robbie is why he can never give up. Danny: “I don’t need to see Robbie to be reminded how much I love him or you.” Danny tells Michelle that he thinks of him every moment of the day, he knows what is at stake. She tells him he can’t give up hope just because of one crooked cop. Danny tells her that he felt this way before Gus came into the picture. What he did was a sin. His mother gave him life and he took hers away. He knows he did what he had to do to save his wife and child, but no one should kill their mother without consequences. He tells her that if the jury finds him guilty, it may be what he deserves. Michelle tells Danny that it was justifiable homicide and she will help him live with it, but first they have to fight to win at the trial. They have to be vigilant and maybe all the evidence is suspect. Danny asks her sarcastically if she is saying the body may not even be Carmen’s. Michelle tells him that is possible since Gus has already dummied up evidence. Danny tells her that Gus doesn’t need to frame him, but Michelle is off and running with the idea. She says she should have thought of this before. If they can prove the body isn’t Carmen’s, Danny could go free.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owc9TMtzccw (Part 1)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aVgIWJiPsfI (Part 2)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4cacmGT0eAI (Part 3)

My Comments: Actually surprise witnesses are extremely bad form. The thing to do would have been at least talk to the judge in chambers before she brought her in. Normal rules of court would be that Ross would have until the next day to question Maria and come up with a cross. I REALLY wish they had made Maria #2 a great aunt or something. I miss Danny’s sweet Abuela, but this Maria is very consistent. She’s very loving and protective of her family….as long as they don’t get in the way of what she wants or if it’s her or them.

Except for the stupid and unnecessary bit about how what Maria was like something in a movie Michelle had once seen, this is really a nice and important discussion. First off, it’s a great a subtle use of their love theme in the background. Then calling Robbie, Tiger. ♥ Manny are discussing their different viewpoints on the problem. Michelle thinks the entire problem is Gus, but Danny thinks part of it is what he did. While he knows he made the right choice, what he did was a sin and he needs to account for it. Danny really is a religious person. It’s an important part of Danny’s make up and part of what makes Manny work so well is that she respects that. But until now Michelle hadn’t really seen Danny’s actions in terms of a religious choice. I hope Danny was also talking to Father Tomas about this. I think it would have helped. Also, it is a nice example of what a good father Danny is and how as bad as he felt at that moment he happy talked Robbie to make sure he was happy. As Danny would later say, Robbie (and later Hope) with Michelle are the center of Danny’s world.

I’d really listen to Michelle, Danny. Remember Michelle’s instinct was that Carmen had framed her for Ben Warren’s murder too and you didn’t believe that either until it was almost too late.

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