New Year’s Eve 1999

Republisher’s Note: This is a story I’m republishing for the first time. It’s almost a Making Love category fanfic, but because it really is so true to them and the little exchange is so perfect I can totally see it, I’ve labeled it continuing storyline and it really fits in to celebrate New Year’s. In this story, Michelle was never framed for Ben Warren’s death, Harley and Phillip are living happily at what I think is the Spaulding Mansion and are throwing a party which is THE place to celebrate New Year’s this year. Is Michelle with Danny? You’ll have to read to find out. It’s set December 31, 1999.

New Year’s Eve 1999

It’s New Years eve nineteen ninety nine and I am excited. Tonight is the last night of the century and I’m going to be celebrating with my family and friends, but most of all I’m thrilled that at midnight I’ll be kissed by the man I love most in the world. I’ve been hurrying around the house. Trying to get things done before the party. Phillip and Harley Spaulding are inaugurating the new year with a magnificent party. Everyone in Springfield will be there. I love parties.

Rick and Abby are getting dressed early because they’ve been invited to the Spaulding’s for dinner, as well as the party. Rick and Phillip are like brothers. They wanted me to join them, but I have plans of my own. Cousin Hao’s Gourmet Chinese Restaurant has provided me with the perfect meal. Everything is in the oven being kept warm and all I need to do is shower and get dressed.

I sit at my vanity table putting the finishing touches on my hair. I’ve decided to wear it in a French bun. It looks sophisticated and I think it’ll go perfect with my gown. My make-up is soft and subtle. I hate looking like I’m wearing too much. My mother, before she died, taught me how to put on make-up. She’d let me watch her get ready to go out with my father, all the time giving me pointers. “Make sure you blend in the blush… You want your face to look clean, not made up…Curl your eyelashes to make them pop…”

It’s been years since her death, but I still follow her instructions, well, as much as I can, considering that styles change and sometimes I like to look wild. He likes me to look like a princess. My dress is ice blue and strapless. Since it’s cold I purchased a beautiful cashmere sweater to put around my shoulders.

I stare at my reflection and like what I see. I want everything to be perfect. I want to be beautiful. I want him to see me and gasp.

The Spaulding house is beautiful. The Christmas decorations are subtle, but look so rich. The trees have been covered in a white netting and colored lights dance amongst the branches. I stare in awe as snow begins to fall. The night is perfect!

Inside we are greeted by friends and family. Everyone is dressed in their finest. Vanessa Reardon is wearing an emerald gown that reflects the light. Her dark hair in contrast to the wonderful green dress is beautiful. She hugs me tight and says my mother would be so proud of how beautiful I am tonight. Tears fill my eyes. I wish my mother could be here.

We make our way to the center of the room and find Rick and Abby talking to Eleni and Frank Cooper. Their salutations are effusive. The men move away as we begin to chatter.

“Michelle, you look happy. The dinner went well?,” asks Abby.

“He loved it, Abby. I’m glad you insisted on the catering.”

“Well, your kitchen skills…”, she never finishes the sentence as we all burst into laughter.

The music is soft. It’s classical. I’ve heard the song before. Andrea Bocelli. The man sounds like an angel when he sings.

I glance around, feasting on the marvelous decorations for the holiday. On the second floor landing there is a Christmas tree and from its base, down the stairs, is a trail of presents elegantly wrapped that lead to the another tree that is in the front window. Garlands decorate the banisters. There is a smell of cinnamon in the air.

Throughout the night, we dance and talk. As it nears midnight, I leave to freshen up a bit and I head for the ladies room. There is a long line of woman waiting. I notice the terrace doors that face the front of the house and decide to peek out at the decorations one more time.

The view is breath taking. It’s been snowing steadily and a fine white coat has covered the ground. It’s powder soft and I relish the feeling of having the flakes hit my face. I hear the doors of the terrace open behind me and a deep voice says,

“Hi there.”

I whirl around, startled.


“Beautiful night, isn’t it?”I say trying to make conversation.

“Almost as beautiful as you,” he replies.

I hear laughter coming from the house but I can’t turn away from this man’s face. His eyes are dark and they seem to penetrate my soul. I can see myself in them. I giggle nervously. I shiver. I’m not sure if it’s from the cold or if it’s because of him.

“I’m Michelle Bauer,” I say as I extend my hand.

“Bauer?” he repeats as his hand grips mine. “Danny Santos, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

My hand rests in his and I like the feeling. His hands are warm and soft.

“Are you a friend of the Spaulding’s?” I ask.

“You could say that,” a small smile, or is it a smirk?, forms on his lips. He stares at me.

“Oh…business acquaintance?” I want to look away from him, but I can’t. I feel like I’m in a trance.

He smiles at that question and comes closer to me. He’s tall.

I gaze up into his eyes.

Then he kisses me.

His lips are warm and without hesitation I kiss him back. The music is playing in the background, but I can’t hear the words. My mouth opens underneath his and I feel his tongue press inside. As our lips dance together I realize his hands are on my shoulders and then they cup my face. Involuntarily my arms wrap around him. I cannot stop this.

I break away and look towards the house. Is anyone watching us? The hallway is now empty. Apparently, everyone is in the main room getting ready to usher in the new year. He strides towards the doors pulling me with him. I realize that I don’t feel cold any more and wonder where he is taking me.

Inside he checks the bathroom. No one is around. He pushes me inside and closes the door behind him.

“What are you doing?”I finally break our silence.

“Kissing you…”, his lips take possession of my mouth once again. I feel my body responding to him. I relax and lean into his arms. His hands are touching my head and then my hair tumbles to my shoulders. He runs his fingers through it. I don’t care.

He pulls the sweater off my shoulders and I begins to undress me. I don’t want him to stop. We could get caught. We are in the Spaulding’s bathroom. I don’t care.

All I want is for this man to touch me. He begins kissing my neck and then my chest. My breath is heavy. Labored. I feel alive.

We are pushing up against one another. I melt in his arms. My body is on fire.

He walks me towards the counter, as he undresses me. My gown falls from my body, as he tugs on his jacket and then proceeds to unbutton his shirt. At the bathroom counter, he turns me to face the mirror. I am naked. We look into the mirror and I hear him gasp.

I smile.

I reach up and touch the nape of his neck. My fingers find the curls at the base of his neck. He closes his eyes and kisses the top of my head.

I turn in his arms to face him. He picks me up and sits me on the counter. He stands between my legs. I place my hands on his chest. His lips claim mine again and our tongues meet. It’s sweet and I hunger for more.

My hands travel down his abdomen and I reach for his belt. My fingers work furiously to remove his pants. The buckle. Now the button. The zipper. He’s not wearing underwear. I chuckle. He responds with a chuckle of his own. I touch him softly and then his mouth finds my nipple and as he tugs at the nub and his tongue moves in a rhythm that moves me, I grasp him tightly. “Ahhhhhhhh…..”, we say in unison.

I lean my head forward and rest my forehead against his silky black hair. His mouth spreads a warmth throughout my body. His free hand finds my center and as his fingers part the folds, I hear him sigh deeply to find me moist and ready for him.

My legs spread wider, he pulls me towards him, so now my buttocks are half off the counter. He kneels in front of me. I pull him back up.

“Noooo…” I moan as my lips claim his.

“Please?”, he gasps.

His hand is rubbing me. I feel my body react to the motion. I am unable to stop him as he moves downward again.

He kisses my thigh. His mouth is wide open on my leg and I feel the scratch of his teeth against my soft skin. I moan.

When his mouth covers me I shake. My head lolls backwards. I feel like I could explode. He senses my loss of control.

I want him inside me. I want. I want…

He tugs at my nipple with his fingers and I feel that exquisite pain run through me. Staring into his eyes he pushes inside me. We are one. Slowly he begins to move. I am meeting his thrusts with my hips. My breasts tingle as they meet his chest with each push.

He suddenly stops.

I open my eyes.

He whispers, “Look.”

My eyes follow his gaze and I see that there is a mirror. I can see our bodies joined together. “Beautiful…” I whisper.

“Beautiful…” he answers back as he slowly pulls out and then pushes in again. I watch in fascination.

He picks up the rhythm. We move faster and faster. Our bodies meet furiously. The Passion is intoxicating. I am losing my senses.

I hear roar building inside me. Blood rushes from my head. I feel dizzy.

He lifts me higher to meet bigger thrusts. I am tensing. My body is caving. I bite down on his shoulder as I hear from outside the door, “THREE…TWO…ONE…”

I am lost. I have gone over the edge. His body convulses with mine.

Panting we hang on to one another. I don’t want to break our connection. Slowly, I come back to reality.

I hear him whisper in my ear, “Happy New Year, Mrs. Santos.”

“Happy New Year, Mr. Santos.”

Then we laugh.

The End

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“New Year’s Eve 1999” – Manny celebrate New Year’s (without Ben having been murdered) with a big party at the Spaulding Mansion (interesting set up at beginning) 😉 on Titles


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