Christmas Miracles by Heidi Part 2

Republisher’s Note: This is a short and sweet fanfic we end it tonight. Michelle and Danny met 20 years ago in a line waiting for Santa and again just now with a youngster each (not theirs) in tow. Now Lizzie Spaulding and Davy Santos have disappeared. Word of explanation, for a short wonderful time in the 1990s almost every major mall (including the one in my town) had a Disney store. It was filled with music and video screens playing the movies and stuff from all sorts of Disney projects. It was like a gift shop from Disney World had been transported to your town. Unfortunately they charged the same prices as at a Disney resort and discovered people wouldn’t pay the same prices at the corner store as on a once in a lifetime dream trip and most of the smaller stores closed although they still exist in larger cities.

Christmas Miracles by Heidi – Part 2

“Where could they have gone?” Michelle whispered fearfully.

“They were right here just a damn minute ago!” Danny sputtered.

“Watch your language!” Michelle scolded as several kids had started giggling at Danny’s use of a bad word.

Bonded by the fear of losing a child, Danny and Michelle headed down the crowded Mall corridor looking at every child they saw. They checked out the toy store that was just down from the Santa line only to find stressed parents fighting over toys with crying children by their sides. No Lizzie or Davy in any corner of the store. The Disney Store was their next stop. Filled with brightly colored clothes, toys, and Disney songs blaring they thought this just might be the place two 7 seven-year-olds would have ventured into. Still nothing.

“I don’t understand, Danny. Where would they go if not the toy store? You don’t think someone took them do you?” Michelle asked. When he didn’t answer immediately she looked up into his eyes. What she saw there chilled her to the bone. Danny was clearly terrified.

“No…. I…it’s not possible. There’s no damn way I’d miss someone taking Davy! I wouldn’t, Michelle! Goddammit! I wouldn’t!” Danny yelled and threw a fist blindly at the wall.

“Ow! Damn! Damn! Damn!” Danny bellowed in pain.

“Relax, okay? You aren’t helping anything. Maybe we should go to Mall Security or the police?” Michelle said while rubbing Danny’s back to calm him.

“I guess,” Danny answered as he glanced once more around him. His gaze landed on McDonalds and two little heads. One blond and curly. The other dark and curly.

“Those two little monsters,” he said with a grin.

“What?” Michelle asked at the turn in Danny expression.

“They’re right over there. Eating Happy Meals.”

Turning around so she too could see Lizzie and Davy enjoying their meal she said,”I’m going to kill them for this!” And then stomped into the restaurant to confront them.

As she approached the two kids looked up from their chicken McNuggets.

“’Chelle!” Lizzie happily called.

“Uncle Danny!” Davy called happily until he saw the angry expression on Danny’s face. “I didn’t do anything, Uncle Danny. It was Lizzie’s idea. We were hungry and you were whispering and not listening to us. So…”

“So you took off without telling me! I should spank your butt for this, buddy!” Danny snarled.

“It was my idea, Mr. Danny,” Lizzie interrupted. “See Grandpa Alan gave me ten dollars. So I thought I could take Davy and me to McDonalds. We told you. Didn’t you hear us?”

“No, Lizzie, we didn’t hear you. And have I ever let you go off at the Mall by yourself? Have I?” Michelle quizzed.

“Well, no. But I am 7 now.”

“So am I”! Davy chimed in.

“What’s done is done, but Lizzie and Davy I want you to promise Danny and I that you will never, ever go off without an adult again.”

“Promise!” Lizzie answered.

“Do I have to?” Davy whined.

“Yes, you have to or I’m telling your mother and Grandma Carmen,” Danny threatened.

“Promise!” the boy quickly yells.

“Now finish your food kids. Danny, what would you like?” Michelle asks gesturing at the menu.

“You’re buying me lunch?” Danny asked surprised.

“Yes! Have a problem with that?” Michelle grinned.

“Ah, no. As long as you let me take you to The Towers for dinner tonight,” Danny answers using his most seductive voice.

“You two like each other! You probably going to kiss and get married!” Lizzie loudly chimes in bringing a rosy blush to Michelle’s face.

“Lizzie, Hush!” Michelle reprimands the little girl.

“You like each other! You like each other!” Davy chimes in until a look from Danny quiets him.

“Sure. Dinner would be nice, Danny. Now what can I get you?”

“Big Mac and Coke will do,” he answers.

Soon the four are enjoying a happy lunch. After lunch the little group has some fun shopping and teasing each other.

“Lizzie really has to get home. So I’ll see you later,” Michelle says to Danny. “Here’s my address,” she says handing him a card which he immediately sticks in the left hand pocket of his leather jacket. “7 o’clock, okay?”

“Sure,” he answers and then pulls her into a sizzling kiss. When he thrusts his tongue between her waiting lips, her knees go limp and she drops the shopping bags she had been holding. Stunned by the intensity of his kiss, she pulls back a bit only to knock backwards into a wall. Danny pins her body tightly against his as he deepens the kiss. The small moan she hears from the back of his throat mixed with kids giggling brings her out of the fog of arousal.

“Da…Da…Danny!” she gasps. “The children are watching, you know.”

“It’s not like they haven’t seen their mommies and daddies kiss, Michelle,” Danny grins.

“Not like that, and we aren’t married,” she challenges.

“We will be. I know you were meant for me, Michelle. I felt it as soon as I saw you.”

“I…we just met. I like you….but…” she stutters.

“I could tell,” he drawls and tries to pull her back into his arms.

“It doesn’t mean I’m just going to marry you, Danny!”

——————2 months later on Valetines Day——————————————————–

“I now pronounce you husband and wife. What God…”

“And Santa Claus!” Danny inserted with a knowing grin at his new wife.

“….has brought together let no man put asunder!” the priest intoned.

“Daniel, you may now kiss your bride!”

As Michelle was pulled into the first kiss with her new husband she could hear two little monsters giggling behind her.

“Told you that you would be kissing and getting married!” Lizzie and Davy taunted.

The priest, Danny’s cousin Ray, quieted them and then announced, “I would like to introduce for the first time, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Santos! Long may you live in love and harmony!”

As Danny and Michelle rode to their reception Michelle pulled back from a kiss to exclaim, “I can’t believe I married you. I only met you two months ago.”

“Not just two months ago,” Danny answered. “We met as kids too. I liked you even then, you know.”

“You didn’t act like it.”

“Well, you were a pushy pain in the ass, but awfully cute!” Danny whispers and then nibbles on her neck.

“You were a jerk, but kinda cute,” Michelle says.

“We were always meant for each other. God or fate or destiny brought us back together in the same spot we first met. I love you, Mrs. Santos. For forever.”

“And I love you, Mr. Santos. Till the end of time.”

“So what do you say we skip the reception and go right to the honeymoon?” Danny whispers in her ear as his left hand makes it way up under her wedding gown.


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