Thanksgiving Roundup 2014

I’m sorry real life stopped me from getting Thanksgiving posts added this year, but check these out and stop back next year for more Thanksgiving in Springfield.

Glmanny's Blog

Rounding up the Thanksgiving posts, check back next year for more. 1-Wood-LighthouseI have a couple of links I didn’t get written up for next year, so look for new episodes next year and if you find anything I should add to next year’s Thanksgiving Week on GLManny or any fanfic you want to write set in Springfield, please let me know.

Episodes Through the Years

Thanksgiving 1983

Thanksgiving 1985

Thanksgiving 1986

Thanksgiving 1991

Thanksgiving 1997

Thanksgiving 1998

Thanksgiving 2006

Sermons and Toasts

Dr. Ruthledge’s Thanksgiving Sermon 1937

Alan Spaulding’s Thanksgiving Toast 1998

Meta Bauer’s Thanksgiving Toast 2001

Nancy Hughes’s Thanksgiving Prayer 2010

Big Bang Theory Grace


Beth Chamberlain’s Rolls


Manny Fanfic set just before Thanksgiving 2001 – Being Thankful

Thanksgiving in Springfield 2010


The 2008 Cast Talks Thanksgiving

A Thanksgiving…

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