November Flashback to the Beginning

November is the anniversary of the beginning of Manny. I decided to do some flashbacks to that fateful month back in 1998. Let’s start with my set up to the story.

In the beginning….

The story for me really begins with the arrival on our screens of Mick Santos. Mick was a troubled young man with a hatred of hypocrites and a willingness to do anything illegal from muggings to protection rackets to blackmail. As a result no one in town liked Mick, but he had a definite good side. I must admit this positive view I now hold is highly influenced by taking Danny’s view of his brother into account and it’s softened my own view. I didn’t like him at all when he was alive. They set up his introduction in a such a way that I was prepared to be blown away by a Roger Thorpe type villain, but instead once he started talking he came across as a violent little punk. The best thing about Mick, and it was all off camera, was his love for his younger brother Danny, who he helped pay his way through college and encouraged him to continue with his education. (I truly believe that if Danny had told Mick his secret ambition to get his MBA degree, Mick would have supported and backed him against their mother.) He told Danny a highly edited version of his life which included flirting regularly (actually it was kind of perverted sexual harassment) with Michelle Bauer.

The episode summaries really start with Mick’s death, so this is just to catch you up to that point. The following events were spread over a couple of months. Previously, Mick accidentally found and then bought Ben Warren and Blake Thorpe Marler’s in bed tape (they all seemed to think it showed she wanted Ben which she had repeatedly denied to her husband, his half-brother Ross – personally I didn’t think it showed that much, but I know when I’m outvoted and most fans I’ve talked to feel differently – honestly WHAT am I not seeing) and blackmailed them.

Drew Jacobs also had hired Mick to be a ringer in poker games against Jesse Blue (Drew was trying to keep Jesse in debt and tied to her). Mick loan sharked Jesse some money, then mugged him and took $500 Jesse had borrowed off of Buzz Cooper to make a payment on the loan. Jesse did not realize that it was Mick who mugged him, but eventually came to suspect him. Mick blackmailed Drew to get a job at Millennium and came up to Michelle Bauer outside the Cooper 5th Street dinner and told her she had a perfect face in a very creepy way. Michelle tries to avoid him after that, but when they are together, he always makes inappropriate remarks. (Mick and Michelle in Alley, just part of the clip)

Most of Michelle’s attention is turned to her relationship problems with Jesse Blue and Drew Jacobs. Her boyfriend Jesse who she thinks should be her true love is uncomfortable in her world and nothing seems to work out for them. They would say this was because of outside forces, but really the problems seem internal to me. Jesse just can’t feel comfortable being himself around Michelle and her family and friends no matter what he says or does. Really no matter what anybody else does to them, most of their problems come back to that. Jesse is comfortable around Drew. So comfortable that no matter what horrible, awful stunt Drew pulls on Michelle, he not only forgives Drew, he actually berates Michelle if she criticizes Drew too strongly (Sorry doesn’t sound like a man in love to me – at least not in love with Michelle.)

The latest obstacle to Michelle and Jesse’s (Messe’s) couplehood at the moment is a disagreement with what to do next. He wants to move in together and get married legally soon (they took “wedding vows” of sorts together in the lighthouse before they had sex for the first time when she left him to go to the school for the blind), she waffles, but mostly wants to keep things as they are. It ends up that Jesse will move into the apartment next to Drew’s alone (where did that evaporate too?). This decision makes Michelle and Drew decide that they need to have it out and establish some ground rules over Jesse in private. They decide to meet later at the beach….

Find a full list of Mick’s appearances with clips here:

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