One Night Only by Samj Chapter 13

Republisher’s Note: Tonight we face a tense situation in the Santos living room.

One Night Only by Samj Chapter 13

All eyes were on the unexpected visitor.

“Carlos!” Bernard exclaimed, rising from the couch and walking over to him. “I didn’t even know you were in Chicago.”

“It’s good to see you baby brother,” Carlos replied, pulling him into a tight embrace. “I’ve left you alone far too long,” he whispered in Bernard’s ear before releasing him and walking into the room.

“Carmen,” he smiled in greeting, “you’re looking well.”

“Carlos,” Carmen returned shortly, her entire body stiffening as he approached. She had never trusted Carlos Sandoval, and her dislike had only grown in the years since she had married Bernard.

You’re a complication I just don’t need right now, she thought as he kissed her on both cheeks.

Bernard was thinking almost identical thoughts as he watched Carlos acknowledge the others in the room. He loved his brother dearly, but Carlos had a need to control every situation, and his words a moment ago had been deliberately chosen to convey that he was looking to control this situation as well. Not this time, Bernard warned silently. I won’t let you interfere with my family.

“So what are you doing in my city Carlos?” Danny asked coldly, with just the faintest hint of a threat in his tone.

Michelle shuddered as she watched Danny – whom she had ceased to recognize as the charming man she had met in the bar – stare daggers at Carlos. I just hope it’s true that mobsters never kill family members, she thought. Because I know what they do to witnesses.

While waiting for Carlos to respond, Danny noticed out of the corner of his eye that Michelle had pushed herself into the farthest corner of the couch. She must be terrified, he realized. A part of him wanted to just get her out of there as quickly as possible, yet he couldn’t bring himself to back down from Carlos.

“Your city?” Carlos scoffed. “You’ve got quite a bit of swagger there, Danny.” Looking directly at Michelle he dropped his voice and finished, “You’d better be completely sure you have the power to back it up.”

Michelle’s blood ran cold at the thinly veiled threat, and for the second time that night she wondered if she would live to see the morning.

Danny was worried as well, especially in light of the earlier kidnapping attempt, but he knew better than to show his own fear. “Oh I do,” he assured Carlos with a cocky smile, never breaking eye contact as he rose from his chair and stood toe-to-toe with him. “I do.”

“I’m sure Danny meant no disrespect,” Bernard interjected quickly, trying to maintain the tenuous peace in the room. Both men completely ignored him, knowing that he was simply repeating what was always said in these situations.

Nino, Teresa, and Michelle remained silent observers to the “showdown.” Carmen, however, wasn’t about to sit passively and allow Carlos to hold the room captive.

“What are you doing in Chicago, Carlos?” she asked in a weary, almost bored tone. “Because we were in the middle of something and -”

“I know,” he interrupted, giving Danny one last challenging glare before turning his back on him and walking across the room to Carmen. “That’s why I’m here.”

We don’t want your help, Bernard practically shouted in his own head, frustrated by his brother’s attitude. Knowing he had to be diplomatic, however, he swallowed back those words and instead informed Carlos, “The situation is complicated.” So let us handle it ourselves, he added, hoping Carlos would take the hint.

“It isn’t complicated,” Carlos countered, his conversational tone barely masking a dangerous malice. “You have a problem. I’m going to solve it.”

“What exactly do you think our problem is?” Danny challenged, telegraphing to everyone in the room that he didn’t believe Carlos knew anything useful about the shooting or Michelle’s kidnapping. He didn’t for a moment imagine that Carlos knew any of the details of his deal with Nino.

“Rivera,” Carlos answered simply, while calmly but deliberately pulling a gun from his jacket pocket and aiming it directly at Nino’s head.

A strange sort of controlled chaos reigned throughout the room – Bernard’s man who had been standing behind Nino to “guard” him stepped back and to the left to remove himself from the line of fire, while the rest of the guards in the room drew their guns and stood ready to act.

Teresa, by contrast, immediately sprang from the couch and placed herself into the line of fire, shielding Nino’s body with her own and screeching “No!” repeatedly. At the same time, Nino struggled to push Teresa away, pleading with her to keep herself safe.

Bernard couldn’t believe that Carlos would have the audacity to carry out a hit in his home – or any home for that matter – especially in front of a witness. He and Carmen both started moving toward Carlos when they saw that Teresa could be in danger, their shouts of “Wait!” and “Stop!” mingling together.

In one fluid motion, Danny moved from his chair to the couch to shield Michelle from harm. Somewhere in Michelle’s mind a detached voice suggested that she might be in shock; another firmly declared that this couldn’t possibly be happening. Whether or not she was actually in shock, she barely noticed Danny’s presence; the gun in Carlos’ hand held her full attention.

As soon as Teresa stepped into his firing path, Carlos bent his arm so that the gun pointed safely at the ceiling. “What are you doing, Teresa?” he asked.

“What are you doing, Carlos?” Bernard asked angrily, fed up with his brother’s actions. Have you completely lost your mind?

“This idiot is a threat to the family,” Carlos replied, using his gun to point at Nino then aiming it at the ceiling once again. “He needs to be eliminated.”

“Nino is family,” Teresa protested, reaching down and giving Nino’s hand a quick squeeze.

Nino returned her squeeze with one of his own, then stepped beside her, refusing to act like a coward by hiding behind a woman.

“Teresa?” Carlos prompted, confident that she couldn’t produce a reason to stop him. “You were never squeamish about these things before, sweetheart. Don’t go soft on me now.”

“Nino and I are married,” she declared, holding up her left hand to display a modest diamond engagement ring and a more elaborate wedding band.

And just as suddenly as the room had been thrown into chaos, that chaos was replaced by complete silence. Carlos fumed at the idea that Teresa had managed to hide something from him, and searched his brain for a way around the problem. Bernard, meanwhile, tried to digest the shocking revelation – his little girl, married? And to Nino Rivera of all people?

Once Danny knew that Carlos would not be using his gun, he shifted positions and pulled a trembling Michelle into his arms. “It’s okay, baby,” he whispered in her ear. “Everything’s going to be okay.”

Michelle pulled away and looked at Danny in disbelief. “How the hell can you say that?” she whispered back, an edge of hysteria in her voice. “That man has a gun!”

“I know,” Danny soothed, pulling her close and raining light but firm kisses down the side of her face. “I won’t let anything happen to you.”

“You can’t -” she began to protest.

“I can,” he assured her, once again whispering directly into her ear. “I promise.”

Before Michelle could protest further, Bernard regained his powers of speech and sputtered angrily at his daughter, “When? How?”

“This morning,” Teresa answered matter-of-factly. “Father Tomas married us in Springfield.”

“Then Father Tomas will just have to annul the marriage,” Bernard concluded, crossing his arms across his chest to signal that the subject was now closed to discussion.

“It’s too late for that,” Teresa declared confidently, staring defiantly…at a point just above her father’s head. Please, please, please don’t make me spell it out.

Well that explains why I couldn’t track you two down all day, Danny smirked. Oh man, I probably oughtta call Ray and let him know that he can call off the manhunt. He couldn’t reach his cell phone without moving Michelle, however, so he chose to wait for a more convenient opportunity.

Carmen saw the look of devastation on Bernard’s face and wondered how she could possibly close the gap developing between her husband and her step-daughter. “Do you love him, Teresa?” she asked seriously, although she thought she knew Teresa well enough that she could answer that already.

Teresa knew that her feelings for Nino weren’t the same as those her father had had for her mother, or even for Carmen. She even knew, somewhere deep inside, that she and Nino were using each other, feeding off each other’s ambition and desire for power. But she also knew that Nino made her feel special, for the first time in her adult life, and that what they had – even though it was different – was real, and was love. “Yes, I do.” Looking her father straight in the eye she repeated, “I love him, Daddy. And isn’t that what’s really important?”

Bernard’s anger was so great he couldn’t form words to respond. My only daughter, my only child married to a Rivera! And not just any Rivera. No, she had to marry Nino, the idiot son that no one respects.

Danny decided to take advantage of the momentary lapse to get Michelle out of room before the next set of fireworks. “I’m going to bring Michelle up to the guest room,” he announced. Not waiting for any sort of approval or acknowledgment, he stood up from the couch and helped Michelle do the same.

“Sit,” Carlos barked shortly, not even bothering to disguise his anger. “Our problem hasn’t gone away here. In fact, it’s only gotten worse thanks to Teresa’s impulsiveness.”

Michelle clung to Danny, pleading with him through her body language to defy Carlos and help her escape. Danny, however, knew without a doubt that Carlos was serious, and he wasn’t about to risk Michelle’s safety, or his mother’s for that matter, by taking him on. He needed to reserve his attack for the most important matter – his deal with Nino.

“I’m sorry, baby,” he whispered in her ear as he pulled her back onto the couch. “It won’t be much longer,” he promised.

Nino wasn’t sure if he should address Bernard first or Carlos – he knew that both of them were angry enough to kill him with their bare hands without a second thought – but he knew that the best way to protect his wife from this terrible situation was to draw all of the attention to himself.

With as much respect as he could muster for the man who had quite recently pointed a gun at his head, Nino addressed Carlos. “Mr. Sandoval, I know that you don’t have very much confidence in my abilities, but that really isn’t the issue here.” Slightly unnerved by the complete lack of response, Nino faltered but then clarified, “Business isn’t the issue here. I will be a good husband to Teresa.”

“See Nino, that just shows that how little you really know,” Carlos retorted, gesturing for Teresa and Nino to seat themselves on the couch. “Right now, business is the issue.”

As Nino and Teresa approached, Michelle practically crawled onto Danny’s lap to make room for them on the couch. Danny shot them both a look of extreme annoyance, while Michelle tried to reassure Teresa with a shaky smile.

Carlos’ gaze, which had followed the pair to the couch, now rested on Danny. “Unless the two are connected,” he mused. “Was this marriage part of the little plan you cooked up with Nino, Danny?”

Bernard suddenly took great interest in the conversation. “You knew about this marriage, Daniel?” he asked sharply, his eyes narrowing suspiciously. Had Danny somehow sacrificed his Teresa to this idiot as part of a deal?

“No,” Danny shot back defensively. “I didn’t even know they were seeing each other until I landed in the hospital.”

“We didn’t tell anyone, Daddy,” Teresa verified. “We, um, we knew you would be upset.”

“Upset?” he echoed incredulously. He could feel his pulse pounding in his head, and for a split second he actually thought he might be having a stroke. I wonder if Carmen has my pills in her purse, he thought idly.

“Bernard, please,” Carmen implored, alarmed by his coloring and facial expressions, “you need to calm down. Why don’t you sit….” she suggested.

“I’m fine, dear,” he assured her, kissing her lightly on the temple and leading her back to her chair. “Now, would someone like to tell me what exactly this deal is that we’re all talking about, since I seem to be the only person here who doesn’t already know?”

“Yes Danny,” Carlos taunted, “I think it’s about time you told your mother why you were meeting Nino that morning.”

“You obviously don’t understand how this works, Carlos,” Danny responded through clenched teeth. “I don’t have to get my mother’s approval for my business deals.” Danny waited, hoping that Carlos would back down before things became even more complicated. Don’t do this, Carlos. We have enough problems right now without Mama going ballistic.

“Then why all the secrecy?” Carlos challenged, his anger simmering just beneath the surface. “If you aren’t doing anything wrong, why can’t you tell her about it?”

“I’m still trying to figure out your sudden interest in my business deals,” Danny countered. “The last time I checked, you dealt exclusively in New York.”

“I’m always interested in my family,” Carlos responded. “I’ve given you the opportunity to try to explain’ this to your mother; if you’re too foolish to take it, I’ll tell her myself.”

Carmen, however, wasn’t thinking about whatever deal Danny might have had with Nino. Instead, she kept replaying Danny’s comment about being in the hospital. “You,” she breathed, fixing Carlos with a stony glare, “you shot my Daniel.”

“Carmen,” Bernard interjected, trying once again to keep the peace. It seemed like all he ever did was play diplomat – taking abuse from Mick and Danny for Carmen’s sake, taking grief from Carmen for Carlos’ sake, and the list went on and on. He was tired of it, all of it – all of them – but this was his family, and he wasn’t about to let them destroy each other, or themselves.

Carlos didn’t bother to conceal his anger at the accusation. “Now why in the world would I shoot your precious, Daniel?”

“As a warning,” Carmen argued. “You obviously know what this deal is, and you obviously disapprove, so you shot my son to warn him against it.”

What am I, invisible? Nino wondered to himself. Has everyone forgotten that I’m the one who almost died from lack of medical care? He looked over at Danny for some indication of how to proceed.

Danny made it perfectly clear that Nino should keep his mouth shut and let him handle things.

“Give me a break, Carlos,” Danny taunted in return, trying to bait him. “We all watched you almost take out Nino a few minutes ago; now you want us to believe that you weren’t the one who took a shot at him in that warehouse?”

“Forget about Nino,” Carmen snapped, her words practically overlapping Danny’s. “What I want to know is how the hell you could shoot my son?”

“Oh please, Carmen,” Carlos snapped back, “you know I don’t fool around with warnings.’ When someone gets in my way I remove them, period.”

“So why is Nino still with us?” Danny asked sarcastically. “Tony Moreno doesn’t have a reputation for making mistakes.”

“Tony Moreno?” Carmen repeated, her eyes blazing with fury. Tony Moreno was one of the most accomplished hitmen in organized crime, and everyone knew that he worked exclusively for Carlos Sandoval. “You sent Tony Moreno to kill my son?”

“No, I didn’t,” Carlos shouted emphatically. “I would never kill family.”

“But you don’t send warnings,” Danny reminded him, his calm, even tones in sharp contrast to Carlos’ raised ones. “And I had one of Moreno’s bullets lodged inside me, so that must mean you were trying to kill me.”

“I don’t kill family!” Carlos blared. “That bullet was a mistake.”

Carmen’s voice was deceptively quiet, but the look in her eyes made the hairs on the back of Michelle’s neck stand on end. “You’re damn right it was a mistake. No one goes after my sons.”

Carlos has completely lost his mind, Bernard realized with some alarm. He thinks he’s above the Code, and that’s the quickest way to end up dead in this business.

Danny sounded more amused than anything else. “Come on, Mama, I’d like to hear this one; I want Carlos to explain how I ended up in the hospital by mistake.'”

No, Danny, stop, Michelle pleaded. The more I know, the more danger I’m in.

“Because you played hero, Danny-boy,” Carlos explained, knowing that Danny hated being called that. “I sent Moreno to take care of Nino; I specifically told him not to touch you. But Moreno wanted Nino to know what was about to happen, so he fired a warning.”

“How considerate of him,” Nino sneered, remembering the terror that had coursed through his body when he’d heard that first shot. I will never allow myself to give into fear that way again, he resolved.

“And it saved your miserable life,” Carlos pointed out, struggling to keep his anger and frustration in check. “Apparently Danny-boy’s reaction was to immediately throw you to the ground.”

“Thank you, Danny,” Teresa mouthed over Michelle’s head even as she said a silent prayer of thanksgiving that God had kept Nino safe and brought him back to her.

“But if those were your orders, Moreno didn’t finish the job,” Bernard objected. “And you just let him botch an order? I don’t think so.”

“I already told you, little brother,” Carlos fumed, “I came here to finish that job – I want Rivera dead.”

“Give me one good reason to believe you,” Carmen interjected. She was clutching the arms of the wingback chair so tightly her knuckles were completely white. “Because right now I think you deliberately sent Moreno after my son. You could’ve killed him!”

“I don’t kill family!” Carlos bellowed, fed up with what he considered to be an unjust persecution. This shouldn’t even be about me – Nino’s the problem, and Teresa’s made things that much worse. “But I’m sure as hell not going to apologize for what happened.”

“You’d better be extremely careful Carlos,” Bernard warned, knowing without really deliberating that he would take his wife’s side against his brother if he had to choose. “You’re on dangerous ground.”

“You have no idea where the real danger lies,” Carlos shot back. “I was protecting this family. My family.” Why can’t you see that you fool?

“And a fine job you did,” Danny mocked. “Moreno didn’t kill Nino, he did shoot me; hell, you should just be happy that he didn’t get himself arrested on his way out.”

Carmen, meanwhile, couldn’t believe what she was hearing. He thinks I want an apology? I lost Miguel in a shooting and he thinks I want an apology for the bullet he put in Danny? “I don’t want an apology, Carlos,” she informed him. “I want revenge.” Sighing because she knew the Code made that impossible, she conceded, “But I’ll settle for reparation.”

Carlos laughed at Carmen’s demands, reminding Michelle of the madmen in those old black-and-white serials she occasionally saw on American Movie Classics. “I’d do it again in a heartbeat. Including putting a bullet in Danny, if I thought he would be smart and heed the warning.”

“Why?” Bernard pushed, confused by his brother’s cryptic references to the deal between Danny and Nino and galled by his attitude – he wasn’t going to be treated like an underling in his own home.

Without warning, the dam burst and Carlos roared, “Because I didn’t kill Miguel Santos just to watch his son hand over our territory to an idiot outsider like Nino Rivera!

For the second time since Carlos arrived, the room fell absolutely silent. This time, however, the silence lasted a mere matter of seconds.

Bernard reacted first, without really comprehending anything he had just heard. All he knew was that the situation had turned dangerous, and that he had to take steps to control it as much as possible, and so he barked orders to the men who stood guard throughout the room.

At first, Danny couldn’t hear anything above the rush of wind in his ears, but then Carlos’ words repeated over and over, their volume increasing until he thought his head might explode.

Michelle felt Danny’s entire body tense, but she didn’t have a clue how to help him. Did he just say he killed Danny’s father? she asked herself, unable to believe what was unfolding right in front of her. What the hell do I do now?

Danny was asking himself the same question when a bizarre feeling of peace overtook him. You’ve been trained to deal with this situation, he realized, his mother’s lessons drowning out Carlos’ declaration. You know what you have to do.

His body seemed to move of its own accord, and he felt powerless to stop it. No, he corrected himself, I don’t want to stop.

A steady stream of Spanish curses fell from Danny’s mouth as he lifted Michelle off his lap and unceremoniously dropped her down on the cushion next to Teresa. He leapt off the couch and reached into the breast pocket of his jacket, but his progress was halted when Nino grabbed him from behind and held his arms pinned to his chest.

“Even you’re not this stupid, Nino,” Danny growled menacingly, struggling violently against the restraint. “I won’t think twice about hurting you to get to him.” Looking straight at Carlos he shouted, “I’m gonna rip him apart with my bare hands!”

“And I’ll help you,” Nino offered, giving Carlos a look that conveyed his own desire to do him bodily harm while also tightening his grip on Danny. “But you know that it can’t be this way – not here, and not now.”

Teresa held her breath, knowing that Danny was completely serious in his threats – his reputation for being “passionate” in his arguments was more than well-earned. Somehow, though, she couldn’t help but feel proud of Nino for stepping in the way he had, for taking the initiative in a way that would show her father his potential value to the family.

Danny’s anger warred with the instincts that years of training and experience had created. In the end his instincts won out, and he admitted to himself that Nino was right – shooting Carlos in the middle of Bernard’s study would cause more problems than it would solve.

“Now stop fighting me before you rip out your stitches,” Nino instructed, half-joking and half-serious.

Danny panted like a man who had just finished a marathon, but eventually he brought his breathing back under control. When he finally stilled, Nino released him and returned to his place on the couch beside Teresa, but not before the two men shared a look of camaraderie that encouraged Teresa even more.

Danny continued to stand in front of the couch, arms crossed in front of him, the coffee table the only barrier between him and Carlos.

Carmen had yet to say a single word, to make a single sound. Immediately following Miguel’s death, Carmen had spent months plotting her revenge, constructing elaborate fantasies of how she would make his murderer pay. If Carlos had been presented to her then, she would’ve reacted exactly the same way that Danny was reacting. More than a decade later, however, she had learned that controlling her emotions – especially her anger – was essential to survival in “the life”; this would certainly be the greatest test of her abilities.

The nod of reassurance she gave Danny was almost regal in its simplicity, and her voice sounded no different than it had before Carlos’ arrival as she stated, “I want to hear this. I need to know.”

Bernard could only imagine the hell that Carmen was going through at that moment, and his admiration of his wife – the woman who had taken over an entire crime organization in the face of overwhelming opposition – only grew as she remained completely composed while confronting her husband’s murderer. “Go ahead, Carlos,” he instructed, walking behind Carmen’s chair and placing his hands on her shoulders to comfort her. “They say confession is good for the soul…and you’re going to need all the help you can get.”

Carlos sounded like a newscaster, or a recording for books-on-tape, as he related the details that led up to Miguel Santos’ death in a conversational tone. “The Sandoval operations and the Santos operations needed to be joined – we had contacts in New York and Atlantic City that the other Midwest families could only dream of, and the Santoses had all the money we could possibly need to fully utilize those contacts.”

Danny wanted to scream at Carlos, but he fought the impulse out of respect for his mother. Papa would’ve given you the money; hell, he would’ve handed over parts of the business if he could’ve stayed with us. He loved us!

Bernard recalled the dozens of intense arguments he’d had with Carlos on that very subject. At the time he’d merely been annoyed by his brother’s attempts to dictate how he should run his portion of the business; only now did he realize the extent of his brother’s obsession. It’s my fault, he lamented. I should’ve seen, I should’ve known.

After years of experience, Carmen knew exactly what Bernard was thinking. She squeezed his hand firmly, communicating that she didn’t blame him for anything he might’ve done differently.

“But Miguel and Bernard didn’t want to merge the families – they were afraid it would ruin their all-important friendship,'” Carlos mimicked.

Nino and Teresa could tell by his inflection that Carlos didn’t understand the very concept of “friendship.” Bernard, on the other hand, understood it all too well – he and Miguel had been there for each other through every triumph and every crisis, whether personal or “professional.” Miguel had always been more like a brother to Bernard than a friend, and that feeling was intensified a hundred fold as Bernard realized that his own brother viciously killed Miguel.

Carlos’ voice dripped with contempt. “Even with the success of Sancorp, that ridiculous experiment’ in the legitimate business world, they refused to merge the other operations.”

Carmen smiled softly to herself at the memory of how proud Miguel had been when he and Bernard had closed their first big deal as “legitimate” businessmen. Miguel had taken her to New York for the weekend to make up for all of his long hours at Sancorp, and they’d had a truly glorious time – from what she could remember, they didn’t leave their hotel suite once during their stay. She was almost certain that their love had created their only daughter, Pilar, on that trip. After Pilar’s birth she’d wanted at least one more child, maybe another girl, but then….

But then Carlos took Miguel away from me, Carmen finished bitterly, turning her attention back to the ongoing narration.

Carlos showed absolutely no remorse. “When Natalia died, it all became clear. I knew that Bernard would do anything for his dear friend Miguel – including marrying his widow.”

Carmen immediately flashed back to Miguel’s last moments, gasping for breath as she held him in her arms, his blood flowing freely from the multiple bullet wounds that had riddled his body. “So you made me a widow,” she choked out, her eyes filling with tears before turning cold and steely with resolve. “Perhaps I ought to return the gesture.”

“Please, Carmen, you’re much too intelligent to make such a rash statement,” Carlos chided. “Besides, there was nothing personal in what I did – it was just business.”

Bernard had heard more than enough. “You arrogant SOB,” he growled indignantly. “You have a lot of nerve coming into my home and celebrating the destruction you’ve caused in my life, as well as the lives of the people I love – all the while thinking that the Code you’ve trampled all over will continue to protect you.”

“Oh, but it will, baby brother,” Carlos returned smugly, smiling like the proverbial cat with the canary. “There’s one unforgivable sin in this business, and that’s taking the life of a family member.” Glancing briefly at Nino and Teresa he added, “Thanks to my niece, even Nino’s family – for the time being at least. And when we correct that little error in judgment, he’s dead anyway.”

Michelle curled up into a ball, wishing that she could somehow blend into the couch and become invisible. I’m the only person here who isn’t family, she panicked, her imagination conjuring images of her parents grieving in front of her casket during her funeral.

Danny thought about Nino’s reminder that he had to handle this delicately, and his offer to help with that; maybe Nino would be a useful addition to the family after all. “Every law has its loophole, Carlos,” Danny warned in an almost business-like tone. “Hasn’t that always been your motto?”

“Not this law, Danny-boy,” Carlos corrected. “There isn’t a person in this room who can touch me.” His eyes moving across the couch from Teresa to Michelle he amended, “Or there won’t be as soon as . . . .”

He didn’t need to finish his sentence for everyone in the room to understand his intentions.

And then it happened –

They moved with lightning speed, their actions simultaneous, each man a mirror image of the other as he pulled a gun from his inside jacket pocket and aimed it – Carlos at Michelle’s head, and Danny at Carlos’.

Unlike the earlier confrontation between Carlos and Nino, this time there was no discussion, no protest, no last-minute reprieve. . . . There was only the sound of a single gunshot.


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