One Night Only by Samj Chapter 3

Republisher’s Note: Manny wakes up after a one-night stand….or is it something more?

One Night Only by Samj Chapter 3

Michelle slowly opened one eye and peered into the darkness, searching for the glowing numbers of her alarm clock. Confused by its absence, she opened her other eye and took in the unfamiliar surroundings. This isn’t my apartment, she realized. Oh no, where the hell am I?

She tried to roll onto her side, but Danny’s body held her in place – his left arm draped lightly across her bare back, his left leg entwined with her right. She felt herself being lulled back to sleep by his warm breath blowing softly in her ear as he nestled his chin against her shoulder. As she drifted off her mind conjured disjointed images of the night before – meeting Danny in the crowded bar, dancing to the seductive Latin music, making love in this bed…and in the shower…and in the doorway….

Damn it, Michelle, you didn’t make love. It was just SEX! the stupid voice in her head shouted, pulling her back into consciousness. Yeah, but it was incredible sex, she countered smugly, her entire body still tingling.

And then the reality of the situation brought her fully awake. My God, she thought, what the hell have I done?

Completely panicked, Michelle realized that she had to get out of there. Now! But how? How did one normally handle something like this? Who was she kidding, there was nothing normal about this, not for her. How could she not have planned for this? What had she expected – breakfast in bed and a polite handshake when they parted? Why hadn’t she asked Katie about an escape plan? Why hadn’t Katie brought it up? Because she probably never expected you would actually go through with this.

Her panic rising towards hysteria, she took a deep breath and tried to collect her thoughts. Get it together,Michelle. You’re a smart girl, you can do this. She slowly rolled onto her right side, pushing Danny along with her. He flopped onto his back, his breathing deep and steady, and pulled her against him while tightly wrapping his arms around her waist.She paused for a minute to make sure he was still asleep, then gently moved his arms until they rested at his sides. Sitting up slowly she tried to inch her way to the side of the bed, but as soon as the sheet began to move Danny stirred, mumbling something incoherent and reaching out blindly for her.

Please, please, please, she prayed, not quite sure what she was praying for, as she placed her pillow against his chest. He embraced it immediately, a satisfied smile on his lips as he settled back into a deep sleep.

Thank you, she added silently, abandoning the sheet and climbing out of the bed. Breaking the physical connection between them did little to stop the electricity humming through her body, but the cool air on her bare skin strengthened her resolve to leave as quickly as possible. Crawling naked across the darkened floor searching for her clothes certainly destroyed the romance of the situation.

Michelle found her dress lying near the bed. The memory seized her immediately ~ Danny trailing kisses down her arm in a path that followed the straps; Danny twirling her off her feet while the dress puddled on the carpet, then creating a delicious friction by allowing her to slide slowly down his body, bare flesh against bare flesh….

Shaking her head vigorously she sat back on her heels and slid the silky material over her head. It’s the perfect dress, she thought, adjusting the slightly twisted straps. Underneath the flowing black material it had a silk lining complete with shelf bra, eliminating the awkwardness of multiple straps.

My panties ought to be right around here as well, she thought just before another memory hit her ~ Danny kneeling in front of her, his lips caressing her stomach as he slowly slid her panties down her legs. A moan escaped from deep in her throat at the memory of the intense pleasure of that moment.

Michelle heard an echoing moan from the bed just as her fingers closed around the discarded panties. She froze, desperately hoping that Danny wouldn’t notice her if she just didn’t move.

No such luck. He lifted his head from the pillow and peered into the darkness. “Michelle?” he called softly, his voice thick with sleep. “What are you doing?”

At least he still remembers my name, she thought sarcastically. She blew a strand of hair out of her face and whispered, “I have to go Danny, I have a class.”

“It’s Saturday, baby, come back to bed.”

Baby? Did he just call me baby? Feeling her resolve quickly melting away, she ran her hand through her tangled curls and tried to remain focused. Go, go, go, go, the voice chanted.

She took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. “I know it’s Saturday,” she said firmly, “I still have class. Please, Danny, I have to go.”

Relief washed over her when Danny sighed and dropped his head back on the pillow. “Call me when you’re done, okay, we’ll get breakfast.” With that, his eyes closed and his breathing became shallow as he dropped quickly back to sleep.

Michelle clutched her panties in her hand and ran to the door, nearly tripping over her shoes in her haste to escape the room.

Michelle sat on a couch in the staff lounge of Our Lady of Divine Mercy Hospital waiting anxiously for Katie to bring her another cup of coffee. She was completely exhausted ~ she hadn’t slept more than ninety minutes in Danny’s suite, and even medical residents required more than that.

Especially after the workout you had, the voice taunted. Mm-hmm, Michelle “responded,” her thoughts already returning to Danny’s bed. She’d never had a lover allow her to be so active before. That had definitely been a problem with Bill ~ he’d always insisted on making love to her, which basically meant that she would lie still and silent in the dark while he did things he thought gave her pleasure.

Danny had been the complete opposite. He insisted that she participate fully in everything they did, even allowing her to be the aggressor when his teasing pushed her toward the brink of madness. And the things they had done…well, she doubted Bill even knew those things existed, but if he did he would never try them with her. Bill was just too ~ respectful of her ? ~ for that. But Danny….

“Here,” Katie’s voice broke through Michelle’s disjointed thoughts.

Michelle gratefully accepted the coffee as Katie sat down beside her. “Thanks,” she mumbled, desperately sipping the hot, bitter liquid.

“Hey kiddo, are you okay?” Katie asked, the concern evident in her voice. Her attempt to wait up for Michelle had failed, and by the time she finally dragged herself out of bed Michelle had already showered, dressed, and methodically picked apart an omelet, apparently without eating a single bite. Now, after several hours of one-syllable responses and vacant stares Katie was beginning to worry that Michelle was in shock. Their rounds were scheduled to start in less than twenty minutes, and Katie was less and less convinced that Michelle could handle that right now.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine. Really. I’m just tired.” And I can’t get Danny out of my head, she didn’t add. Instead she took another huge sip of coffee in hopes of avoiding Katie’s questions.

“It must’ve been some night…” Katie prodded.

“Yeah,” Michelle agreed, “it was some night.” She finished off the coffee in one big gulp and placed the empty cup on the table in front of her.

“You wanna tell me about it?”

Michelle considered the offer as carefully as she could in her sleep-deprived, caffeine-enriched state. Part of her wanted to keep her night with Danny special, private, a secret that only the two of them shared. But that was just her sense of romance running away with her again, wasn’t it? For the last time, you’re not writing the next great love story here. You let some guy take you back to his hotel room, okay, that’s it. Then why couldn’t she stop thinking about him?

Michelle tried to focus on Katie’s question. Maybe talking about her night with Danny would help get him out of her system. It certainly couldn’t hurt, right?

“Katie, he was incredible….”


Danny ran the electric razor over his stubbled cheeks, his mind wandering back to Michelle’s soft, gentle fingertips lightly caressing his face as he leaned in to kiss her. He was no stranger to the pleasures of the bedroom, yet somehow Michelle had turned the simplest of gestures into an incredibly sensual experience….

Danny had replayed every moment of their night together in his dreams. When he awoke he reached for her immediately, his body aching to fulfill the fantasies his mind had created. But anticipation and desire gave way to frustration as he realized he was alone.

A class, she had said. Uh-huh. The least she could’ve done was to come up with something convincing, he thought sarcastically as he moved the razor to his chin. Well, he’d certainly told a few tales of his own in his time. Usually he couldn’t get rid of a woman fast enough, although he made it a point to be civil about it. And occasionally, if a woman caught his attention with her beauty or “talents” he would keep her around for a week or two, even take her on an expensive trip somewhere. But he never allowed things to get serious, and at the first mention of words like “relationship” or “commitment” he was history.

So why couldn’t he get Michelle out of his head? Sure she was beautiful, but that wasn’t exactly something new for Danny. And she wasn’t nearly as experienced as some of the women he’d been with.

Finished shaving, Danny picked up his toothbrush, chuckling as he thought of Michelle’s lack of experience. The memory was so vivid it made his entire body tingle ~ He trailed kisses up her thigh, and as he kissed her golden curls he heard a breathless, “Danny…ooh, wha…what are you doing?” What am I doing? he asked himself in confusion. He thought it was pretty damn obvious what he was doing. Instead he answered, “Relax Michelle, this is going to make you feel really good. I promise.” With that his tongue darted out, lightly touching her, and he heard her gasp in surprise. “You taste incredible,” he whispered….

The memory ended abruptly as he almost choked on the toothpaste in his mouth. You’re pathetic Santos, he said to his reflection as he spit out the toothpaste and rinsed his mouth with water.

Walking into the bedroom, he picked a dark grey silk suit from the large closet and began to dress, his thoughts again returning to Michelle. Hey, buddy, you wanna focus on the business at hand? his inner voice shouted.

He shook his head to clear it. For once the voice was absolutely right ~ he needed to stay focused. He had worked on this plan for months, and finally everything was in place. He had only a few more days to prepare for the meeting that would determine his entire future and, one way or the other, seal his fate.

The ringing of his cell phone interrupted his thoughts. For a split second he entertained the hope that it was Michelle~ and then he chided himself for acting like an excited schoolboy, especially over some girl he met in a bar. She didn’t have his cell phone number; it had to be business.


“Yeah Jimmy, what is it?” he asked, tiredly rubbing his eyes.

“Divine Mercy? Of course I know where that is.” Danny’s voice rose in anger and frustration. “You wanna tell me what the hell happened? What’s his condition?”

“Okay, good,” Danny exhaled in relief. “Don’t let anyone near him until I get there. I’m leaving now.”

Danny slammed his phone shut and reached for his shoes. Whoever did this would pay…he would make sure of it.

“What part of watch out for him’ didn’t you understand?” Danny barked at Jimmy.

“Boss, look, it wasn’t my fault. Really. I…”

Danny was about to cut him off when he heard Ray’s voice from inside the hospital room. “Danny, give the guy a break and come in here,” Ray called. Danny glared at Jimmy, but walked into Ray’s room without another word.

Ray was sitting up in the adjustable hospital bed, his reading glasses slipping down his nose as he scribbled notes on a large yellow legal pad. “You didn’t have to come, Danny. I’m fine, really, it’s nothing.”

“You take a bullet and it’s nothing?” Danny asked incredulously.

“Trust me, okay. The doctor said it missed everything important in there. The only reason I’m still here is because they’re worried about infection.”

Danny stood with his armed crossed over his chest, staring skeptically at Ray.

“Okay, they also said something about me needing to rest for a few days,” Ray continued vaguely. “I don’t know why they didn’t believe me when I said I could do that at the rectory.”

Danny laughed. “Hmmm, I dunno,maybe because you’ve been in here twice for exhaustion since you took over St. Michael’s? You really need to learn how to pace yourself, Father. Maybe even how to relax or something.”

“You’re looking pretty relaxed,” Ray observed, trying to steer the conversation in another direction. “Anything you want to confess, my son?”

“Nope,” Danny grinned. “To confess I’d have to be contrite, and right now I don’t feel the least bit sorry.” In fact, he looked like the cat that swallowed the canary.

“Virgin?” Ray asked matter-of-factly. He knew from years of experience that lecturing Danny on his behavior would only serve to trigger his anger.

“Not exactly, but whoever she’s got waiting for her back home isn’t doing her any favors, that’s for sure.” Danny flopped contentedly into the chair beside Ray’s bed. Noticing the IV hanging there, Danny jumped up and raised his voice. “Damn it, Ray, we’re getting a little off the subject here, don’t you think.” He paced the floor in agitation as he talked. “What the hell happened anyway? I can’t believe someone was stupid enough to go after a priest! I’m telling you….”

“Danny,” Ray interjected forcefully, “it wasn’t another family, okay?” He paused and waited until he had Danny’s complete attention. “I’ll tell you exactly what it says in the police report, okay? I have a parishioner, a lovely older woman named Mrs. Silva. Her husband had a tendency of using her as a punching bag,” he paused again, his pain at not being able to prevent the abuse apparent, “and her teenage son decided he was going to put a stop to that. The neighbors called the police, the police called me, and….”

“And you decided that talking just wasn’t enough, you had to go ahead and step in front of the bullet,” Danny finished, exasperated that Ray would put his life at risk that way.

“Danny, for the last time, I’m fine.” Ray smirked at Danny. “The kid was almost as scared as you were that time when we were kids and you put a bullet through my foot.”

Danny couldn’t help but smirk back. “Yeah, well, I had good reason to be scared ~ I had to face my father and yours and Abuela Maria.

The two cousins were sharing a long laugh over the memory when Rays cell phone began to ring. “Hold on a minute, Danny,” Ray whispered as he opened the phone. He paused to listen for a moment. “I gotta take this man, its a parishioner.”

Danny nodded in understanding and quietly slipped from the room. He paused outside the closed door to give Jimmy further instructions about watching out for Ray the deal Danny was about to make put everyone in danger, and he couldn’t risk the life of the cousin he thought of as a brother. Reviewing his mental list of last-minute preparations, he bent his head and absent- mindedly rubbed the back of his neck as he walked toward the elevators.

Michelle had her nose buried in a stack of medical files as she hurried down the hallway toward the room of her next patient, Ray.

“Omph,” Michelle exclaimed as they collided. Lukewarm coffee splashed onto her clean white coat, and she tumbled backward.

Danny instinctively wrapped his arm around her waist, catching her before she hit the ground then pulling her onto her feet. Finally looking up at the woman he was holding in his arms, he gasped in surprise.



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  1. Rose Says:

    This is my first time commenting here, I must say I truly appreciate all you do to keep Guiding Light and Danny and Michelle alive. I look forward to your blog posts and check almost daily for any new ones! I also love you are reposting formerly lost and forgotten stories. My love for Manny has been reignited this past year and I absolutely thank you for your dedication, talent and desire to keep the Manny fandom alive through your blog. I have been doing my own part to keep them alive. Earlier this year I began posting new manny vids on YouTube… I call the series the Journey of Danny and Michelle Santos. I just truly love their story. Thank you again! Long Live Danny and Michelle Santos!!!

    Rose (Rgirl132 on YouTube)

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