Run Boy, RUN!

It’s been a long time and it’s still true. Run, Boy,

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During the 2010 Daytime Emmy Award Show Tina Sloan tweeted “well. i dont swear but I really want to- do you think they just didnt want GL to win and remind people of what was once Camelot/Springfield?” (Keep reading – I have to explain the song reference before Guiding Light comes into it again.)

Which of course reminded me of the reprise of the song from Camelot the musical. King Arthur’s hand has been forced and he’s had to go to war against Lancelot, even though, despite of everything Lancelot did (I hate him – how do people see him as the romantic hero in the thing?), he really didn’t want to do it. Arthur is taking a last minute before going into the battle that he knows will destroy his hopes of a golden age of England under Camelot for at least his lifetime and he discovers a stowaway…

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