Core Family

Updating the soap opera jargon term “Core Family.”

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Every Friday I try to post a definition of soap opera jargon. Find more definitions on the Soap Opera Jargon page.

Core Family – Most soap operas are not made up of individual characters, they are made up of two or more core families. Sometimes the core families change over the years and new families are written in or written out.The very first core family on GL was the Ruthledge family and its trials and tribulations (a son fell in love with his adopted sister, for example) were the soap’s mainstay for years. The Bauer Family was introduced in 1948, the Spauldings in 1977, the Lewis family in the early 1980s (starting with Josh breaking up Kelly and Morgan), the Cooper family in the mid-1980s, and the Santos family (sadly a core family for too short a time although they tied into the Bauers) first appeared in 1998. All of…

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