Doris Wolfe Is After Danny June 29 2001

NOTE: The sound is low on some of these clips. Expect to adjust sound. There is also some mis-syncing between the sound and the mouth movements.

Fri., June 29, 2001 – At the Courthouse: Danny and Ross are in front of the judge. The assistant DA is asking the judge to revoke bail. The assistant DA argues that Danny is a flight risk and is being charged with murder. She tells the Judge that he fled with his wife once before when she was (falsely) accused of murder and his being a Santos should tell the judge a little about his character. Ross tells the judge that Danny hasn’t fled this time and doesn’t intend to. The Judge tells the DA that unless she has any new information his original call stands and Danny can remain out on bail. He goes on to set a trial date and determines after he finishes his current case and gets over the July 4th holiday the actual trial will start the week of July 9th. Gus is unhappy that the Judge won’t lock Danny up. Before the hearing adjourns, Ross asks that the DA provide him with all the information he has asked for in a timely manner. The DA tells him he will get it in a timely manner. Ross argues that the DA’s office doesn’t have a good track record with discovery and asks the judge to make her have a specific time limit. The judge orders everything be turned over to Ross by 10 AM the next day. The DA isn’t happy. The judge adjourns. The assistant DA and Gus leave the courtroom. Danny, Michele and Ross sit down to talk in the open courtroom. Ross tells Danny has to tell Ross exactly what happened between him and Carmen if he will be able to put on an aggressive case. Michelle tells Ross that every time she and Danny have trusted the system they have been burned. Ross tells them not to trust the system but trust him. Michelle tells Ross that she had been right in thinking Carmen was haunting her after she was shot on the Bauer lawn. The only thing was that Carmen wasn’t dead, she had been gaslighting Michelle. She continues the story of her getting kidnapped from the hospital, taken to the docks and Carmen showing up and threatening her. Danny takes over and tells how he found Michelle with Carmen holding her at gunpoint, she was clearly having delusions and he was still convinced was quite ready to kill both Michelle and Danny’s unborn child. After he failed to talk Carmen down, Danny ended up having to shoot his mother. Ross tells Danny that there isn’t a jury in the world that would convict him for protecting his wife and child, but they have to have proof. Danny tells him there is none. Ross is sure someone had to have seen them. Danny doesn’t think so. Thinking back Danny goes over what happened and he realizes in his dazed state afterwards he threw his gun into the water. He just remembered doing it. He had two guns but the one he shot Carmen with is in the lake. Michelle wonders how Gus could have matched bullets when it was a different gun that shot Carmen.

Danny: “I had two guns and the one I had with me that night on the dock I threw it into the water, (turning to Michelle) right? (Michelle agrees). So Aitoro seized my other gun. How in the hell did he get a connection to that slug and Carmen?”

Michelle: “When that wasn’t the gun that fired the shot!”

Ross is stunned and tells Danny he is being framed. He tells them that he knew Gus was desperate, but he can’t believe he has falsified evidence. Ross tells them that this is enormously valuable evidence and he will use it against Gus, but not to say anything to anyone until  Ross is ready to make his move. Ross: “We can’t tell the judge…What am I supposed to say to the judge. Your honor this is NOT the murder weapon because my client used a different gun to shoot the victim. Danny might as well confess.” At Company: Gus is having coffee with the Assistant DA. She tells him how neat and complete his evidence is. Gus asks if they are going to play the surveillance tapes but she tells them they haven’t decided yet. They talk about Blake’s book and how Carmen was supposedly responsible for Danny’s father’s death. The DA is happy and tells Gus that supplies the motive for Danny killing his mother. She wants the source and tells Gus to make Blake tell her who the woman is. DA tells Gus that Marler will go for self-defense and they need another motive. Gus tells the DA that it isn’t possible. The DA tells him it is no longer his case, and it is possible. She leaves. (Part 1) (Part 2) – Just a tiny bit of this at the beginning isn’t repeated in the link below, but I wanted to include it to have the most possible, Once they come back from the break of Danny talking to Ross switch to the link below (Part 3) – Much better sound of almost all of Part 2

My Comments: No idea why Doris Wolfe isn’t in this episode. I assume the actress had a problem because except for that throwaway sentence the rest of the dialogue was clearly written for Doris herself. I can’t believe that the Asst. DA argued Danny should be held because of who his family was. That’s not only illegal, it’s unconstitutional. Considering Ross was DA himself not that long ago that was a pretty harsh assessment of the DA’s office. I agree with Danny it’s stupid to have this conversation in the open court room, but it was an economy of sets. Ross points out how unlikely the soap staple is of a perfectly deserted dock area. I just love the way Michelle physically supports Danny, holding his hand right at the beginning and then leaning into each other at the end.

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