Are There Still Supercouples?

Are there still supercouples? Why or why not?

Glmanny's Blog

A recent podcast took on the topic “Are There Still Soap Supercouples?” I didn’t get a chance to talk on air, but I did give it serious thought.

First, here is a definition for Supercouple:

And a definition of Fan Wars:

Second, just so I’m plain. I don’t mean my answer to be a criticism of couples of any time period. My answer is not reflective of any difference of talent of actors or chemistry between couples of any time period. It has to do with the structure and the writing of the soaps.

I say there are Supercouples that remain are kind of like the last few remaining Mastodons at the tail end of the Ice Age. There are a few survivors, but the world has changed. It used to be the soaps used to focus story in terms of families and of individuals. With the creation…

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