Rebecca Budig’s Michelle

I really don’t have anything here to update. I still think it holds true.

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Rebecca Budig’s Michelle Bauer didn’t work for me. For those of you who have read my character summaries, this isn’t another case of Tattoo Tony. I believed she was Michelle. (In fact when I recently read a fan fiction that included Michelle at 17, she was the one who popped into my mind because I knew that’s what she looked like at that age.) She was just going through an obnoxious stage I hoped she would soon grow out of. Unfortunately she didn’t until they switched actresses. You got admit, before the recast Drew had a point thinking ill of her, she was kind of a spoiled brat and a waffler. Also a point for Drew, watching the episodes again, I see Jesse sending Drew as many mixed signals as Michelle was sending Jesse, I don’t really blame her all that much for keeping after him, even if some of the ways…

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