Something About You – Part 52 by ShellyLynn

Republisher’s Note: With the bad guys dealt with, health problems are coming to the fore.

Something About You – Part 52 by ShellyLynn

“Can you believe all the things they were able to get Bill convicted on? It almost seems impossible that one man could have gotten himself in so much trouble,” Danny said, casually conversing with his father-in-law.

“Well, he used to be a good kid,” Ross said thoughtfully, “I don’t know what happened to make him this way.”

“Well, I’m just glad that he is behind bars and away from my family,” Danny said. “I will never take anything for granted. I’ve had enough experiences to know that things can be taken from you before you can blink. In a way, it’s helped me to appreciate what I have even more. I truly never thought I could be this happy, and I don’t want to waste one minute of it.”

“How are you feeling dear?” Maureen asked her daughter as they sat at the kitchen table.

“Well, the morning sickness is over, thank goodness, but he’s been kicking up a storm so I haven’t slept much, and I ache and pain all over. I feel like a balloon that is ready to pop.”

“He?” Maureen asked quickly, “Did you finally give in and ask?”

“No, I’ve just always thought of him as a boy,” she laughed as she rose to put their dishes in the sink. “Danny thinks it’ll be a girl, but neither one of us cares, as long as the baby is healthy. Danny says his princess is practicing her ballet.”

“I’m so glad that you are letting me be a part of this,” Maureen said, tears running down her face. “I know I haven’t been much help, but I…”

“You’ve been wonderful,” Michelle stopped her. “ I couldn’t have made it through all of this without you. I know I was hard on you for a while, but I understand and I want to spend as much time with you as I can…”

“Before you lose me?” Maureen finished her sentence. Michelle started to argue when her mother held up her hand and stopped her. “It’s okay sweetie. I don’t have much time left.”

“I don’t understand why you won’t go back for more treatments. They said they could prolong your life for as much as six extra months,” Michelle argued, getting slightly upset.

“Sweetie,” Maureen said, placing a calming hand on her daughter’s shoulder. “I’ve already fought this for so long, and given up so much of my life. I would rather enjoy the time I have left, than live longer, but be in constant pain and isolation. I know you just want what is best for me, but you have to understand that this is what I want. It’s my decision.”

“I know,” Michelle sighed, sitting down in the chair beside her mother. “It’s just that I have already missed so much time with you and now with the baby so close… I just… I don’t know.”

“You will be a wonderful mother, Michelle,” Maureen smiled through her teary eyes, “and I can’t wait to see this baby born.”

“Hey,” Danny said, he and Ross entering the kitchen.

“What happened to make you beautiful ladies cry?” Ross asked, standing and placing his arms around them.

“You know us,” Maureen laughed. “We’re women.”

“And I’m hormonal,” Michelle smiled, winking at Danny.

“She’s not kidding. She’s been having the strangest cravings lately. Last night, I had to run to the store at 3 am to buy her pickles, oranges, and chocolate ice cream,” Danny smiled. “Then she mixed them all together and ate the whole container.”

“I offered you some,” Michelle defended her appetite.

“Ugh, just watching you eat that stuff made me sick to my stomach,” he laughed, playfully holding his hand to his midsection.

“You look tired,” Ross said, looking at Maureen and noticing her weakness as she laughed at the display.

“I just need to lie down for a while. Dear, do you mind if I take a little nap in the guest room?” she asked, looking at her daughter.

“No, that’s fine. I’ll make you some tea and bring it to you in a little while,” Michelle told her sobering as Ross started to lead her down the hallway.

Danny, Michelle, and Ross sat at the table, eating the cake left from Mikey’s birthday party days earlier. “Where is the little guy?” Ross asked, as if for the first time noticing the boy’s absence.

“He spent the night at a friends house. He should be home around 3 this afternoon,” Michelle said. “I don’t think anyone is as excited about this baby as he is. He tells everyone that will listen all about his new brother on the way. For his sake, I hope it is a boy because he will be very disappointed if he tries to get his sister to do all the things he’s been planning.”

“Like?” Ross asked, amused.

“Well, he’s been telling me about how he needs help to catch frogs and spiders. You know, ‘boy stuff’ as he puts it.” She laughed. I just can’t see a girl of mine being into that.”

They laughed and talked a little longer before Michelle decided to go take her mother some tea.

“Here you go, Mom,” she said, walking into the little bedroom, lit by the windows on the far side, “just the way you like it. A slice of lemon and two spoons of sugar.”

She set the cup down on the table and sat down on the edge of the bed. “How are you feeling?” she asked. When she got no response, she nudged her mother slightly. “Are you okay?” When she got no response, she picked up her mother’s wrist and felt for a pulse.
“Dad, Danny,” she screamed when she felt how weak her mother’s pulse was. “Somebody call an ambulance.”

Both her father and husband ran into the room frantically, Danny carrying the portable phone with him and dialing 911 on the way. “Are you okay baby?” he said as they entered the room.

“I’m fine,” she cried, tears pouring out of her eyes. “Something is wrong with my mom. She isn’t waking up and her pulse is slow and weak. We have to get her to the hospital.”

The ambulance was there within ten minutes. Danny tried to pull Michelle away to let the EMTs do their jobs, but he was unable to sever her hand from her mother’s as she cried inconsolably.

“You have to let go ma’am,” the younger of the two men kept saying, but she held firm and stayed by her mother’s side.

“You can’t leave me mom… you can’t… not now. I need you so much mom… you have to see your grandbaby be born. Please mom, hold on…” she cried, her chest heaving as she sobbed.

“Let’s go,” the EMT said, starting to wheel the cart that they had placed Maureen on away.

Michelle wouldn’t let go, but Danny knew two things for certain. First, that she had to calm down, and second, that her father wanted to go with Maureen to the hospital.

“Sweetie,” he said, lightly grabbing his wife’s arm. “Michelle” he tried again, louder this time. “You have to let her go with Ross. We can meet them there.” She finally nodded and let go of her mother’s hand as they took her out through the front door and into the ambulance.

Danny grabbed his keys and then helped Michelle into their car and pulled out after them.

“Sweetie, you have to try and calm down and breathe,” Danny tried, carefully following the ambulance.

“My mom might be dying and you want me to calm down?” she yelled, glaring at him. “How can you even suggest such a thing? I have a right to be upset and you are driving too slow…” she continued berating him.

“I know you do, honey,” Danny said, taking her attitude in stride. He’d seen enough of her mood swings through the previous months to not taking what she said personally. “and I am driving as fast as I can without being reckless. You have to try and think about the baby. Letting yourself get too worked up isn’t going to help anyone, including your mother.”

“I’m sorry,” she replied, taking a few deep breaths to try and calm herself. She looked toward the window and squeezed her eyes shut. “This isn’t happening,” she assured herself. Everything was going so well, it wasn’t possible that her life would come crashing down around her so quickly.
They arrived at the hospital just as her mother was being removed from the ambulance and Michelle jumped out of the car before it even came to a complete stop, rushing to her mother’s side. She ran alongside the stretcher as best as she was able until they came to the emergency room doors. “You can’t go in there, ma’am,” the attendant told her, trying to break her grip on her mother’s hand.

“She’s my mother,” Michelle cried, continuing to hold on with all her strength. Strong arms wrapped around her from behind and pried her fingers from her mother’s hand. The nurse gave a grateful smile as they wheeled Maureen away. “How could you do this to me? I have to go with her!” Michelle cried, turning in the arms of her captor and beating her hands against his chest as she sobbed. “She can’t leave me… I still need her.”

“I know, sweetie, she’s my mother too you know,” Rick replied, pulling back a little to look into his sister’s tear stained eyes. “I want her to be okay just as much as you do, but we have to let the doctors do their jobs.”

They stand together for a few minutes, staring at the closed door that they took their mother through, various scenarios and fears running through their heads.

A flash of pain crosses Michelle’s face and she turns away from her brother in an attempt to hide it as she waits for it to pass. “I wonder if they have any news yet…” She said quickly as she turns back around. “How did you know that mom was brought here anyway?”

“Danny called me as you guys were leaving,” he responded, leading her to a chair to sit down. “but don’t try and change the subject. How long have you been having contractions?”

“I’m not having contractions,” she insisted. “This baby causes aches and pains all the time as it moves around. I’m used to it. It’s not a big deal.”

“Michelle,” he says sternly, “that is the third time I have seen that look cross your face since we’ve been here. You are close to your due date. The doctor already told you that you probably wouldn’t make it that long and with the stress of what is going on right now, you very well could be going into labor.”

“I’m not, Rick,” she argued. “This little one is just getting too big to be moving around inside. Sometimes it hurts. Stop worrying about me and focus on Mom.”

“Fine, for now,” Rick conceded, “but if it gets any worse, I expect you to tell your husband and go get checked out.”

“It won’t,” she said firmly, but after looking at her brother’s face, added, “but if it does, I promise I will tell Danny.”

He nodded his head, making sure she understood that he meant business. He would not let her put herself at risk, no matter how good her intentions.

She turned and walked away, going toward to the water fountain to take a drink and splash her face a little. “Just hang in there a little bit longer sweetie,” she whispered, rubbing soothing circles across her abdomen. “Your momma needs to be here for your grandma for a little while.”

Danny came over and rested his hands on her shoulders. “You okay?” he asked as her turned her around, moving a few stray strands of hair out of her eyes. “I know how tough this is for you. Why don’t we take a seat so you can rest? It’s not going to help anyone if you tire yourself out.”

She gave in to his request and followed him over to a set of chairs where her father and sister-in-law were already seated. She took a deep breath as she started to sit down, breathing through one of what she was becoming more and more convinced were contractions after all. She knew she wouldn’t be able to keep this up much longer. They were getting stronger each time and although she hadn’t timed them, she was pretty sure they were getting closer together. Her husband rubbed her hand and kissed her cheek. She could tell that he was worried and she knew she should tell him what was going on, but she had to wait until they heard something about her mother’s condition. She had to hold on, she would not be able to make it through labor without having some word that her mother would be okay.

Danny stood up and she turned to look at what was causing his sudden movement. Her mother’s doctor was coming out of the room and heading strait for them, she stood as quickly as her body allowed, gasping and falling back into her seat before she was able to stand up completely. “Oh not now, this can’t be happening…” she cried, causing her family to switch their gazes back to her, both her father and husband immediately kneeling next to her. “My water just broke,” she mumbled before she passed out.


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