Something About You – Part 44 by ShellyLynn

Republisher’s Note: Will Maureen, Ross, and Danny’s plan work or will Michelle be condemned to a loveless marriage. Evil Bill gets even worse tonight.

Something About You – Part 44 by ShellyLynn

Danny paced nervously across the floor of the lighthouse, each time, stopping to make sure that everything was in its proper place. He hadn’t seen Michelle for three days, but he had left her a note to meet him there that evening. He looked at his watch again; she was late.

Maybe she didn’t get the note, maybe she got caught in traffic, maybe she stopped to pick up something special for this evening, maybe she couldn’t decide what to wear…

His mind raced trying to come up with any other possibility that the one that kept sneaking it’s way into his subconscious. Maybe Bill found out and she’s in trouble, maybe he found the note before she saw it, maybe she needs your help. Maybe he’s trying to make her prove her loyalty and devotion to him…

“NO,” he said out loud, looking out the window for what seemed like the millionth time, “She’s fine. I’m sure of it. You’re just letting your fears get the best of you. She can take care of herself… Come on Michelle, let me know what’s going on,” he whispered into the air as he sent a silent prayer heavenward for her safety. “Let her be safe and bring her back to me…”

* * * * * * * *

Michelle sat at the table in the Lewis dining hall as Bill’s father toasted their marriage for the third time that night. She looked across the room at the oak grandfather clock, watching as the seconds ticked by on the evening and her chance to see Danny.

“You don’t look so well,” Vanessa said, reaching across the table to take Michelle’s hand. “You need to get some rest sweetie. We don’t want you tired for the big day Saturday.”

“I’ve just been feeling a little tired lately, with all the wedding plans I haven’t gotten much sleep…” she said, silently thanking her mother-in-law to be for giving her an out to leave the engagement celebration. “… And I’m afraid I might be coming down with something.”

“Why don’t you stay here tonight,” she suggested, standing up and excusing herself from the table while gesturing for Michelle to do the same.

“I don’t want to intrude,” Michelle stammered, immediately realizing the difficulties of sneaking away from the Lewis mansion unnoticed, “Besides, I need some of my things from home.”

“We have everything you need right here,” Vanessa said, reaching around Michelle and placing her arms around her shoulders, “I’ll take you to the guest room and get you something to wear.”

“Vanessa, really, I would rather…”

She cut her off in the middle of her sentence. “Nonsense. Please call me mom. We are going to be family soon. You are staying here and that’s the end of it.”

Michelle knew there was no use trying to persuade the woman who so badly wanted to call her a daughter to change her mind so she gave in and followed her down the hallway. As they walked, she attempted to send a mental image to Danny so he would know she was all right, physically anyway. She positively ached being away from him for this long, and she had been so hoping to use this night to get her through the rehearsal and dinner the next night. All eyes would be on her, making it even more difficult not to show how much she despised her would be husband.

“There are clean towels in the bathroom,” Vanessa’s voice broke into her thoughts as she led Michelle into the room. “I’ll bring you a nightgown, toothbrush, and some toothpaste. Is there anything else you’ll be needing dear?”

“No thank you,” Michelle smiled politely, wishing that somehow, she could get out of this without hurting the woman that despite her son’s actions, she would always think of as Aunt ‘Nessa.

“I know how sick your mom is and how much you miss her, I do too, but please believe that she would be so proud of the woman you have become…” she said, bringing tears into Michelle’s eyes. “And please know that if you need anything, I’m here for you.”

“I know,” Michelle whispered, hugging the older woman before watching her turn and walk out the door. Michelle continued to herself “but I can’t, not this time. This would hit too close to home and you’d probably never believe me.”

She rolled back the covers of the bed, deciding that if she wasn’t going to be able to see Danny, then she could at least get a good night’s sleep and dream about him.

She pulled her shirt over her head and let her hair down from the clip that had been holding in her updo and shook her hair loose, letting it fall against her back as she ran her fingers through it. Then she stepped out of her skirt, folded it, and placed it neatly on a nearby chair.

“Thanks,” she said as she heard the door open, turning around to thank Vanessa for bringing her things.

“No, thank you,” a crude voice smirked, laughing as she tried in vain to cover herself with more than the flimsy slip she was now wearing. “I was hoping for a preview of coming attractions. I’m so glad you agree that you’ve put me off for too long.”

“What?” she tried to laugh, her nerves standing on end. “You know how I feel about sex before marriage. Even if we were madly in love, which I might remind you we aren’t, I wouldn’t have slept with you…” she hoped her voice sounded more convincing than it felt as her knees knocked together.

“In two days, you aren’t going to be able to use that excuse anymore, Michelle,” he laughed, “You are going to be with me. You agreed to marry me and I will get the privileges that go along with being your husband. Including a little preview right now.”

Michelle took a step backward at seeing the look in his eyes. “Even you aren’t that stupid. One wrong move and this deal is off.”

He threw his head back in laughter at her statement, “You wouldn’t have the guts. You’re too worried about that little boy to ever challenge me.”

“If you want to take that chance,” she said, turning her back and grabbing the pen off the desk. It wasn’t much of a weapon but it was better than nothing.

“Listen here you little slut. Maybe you are really a little miss goodie two shoes, or maybe you are just putting me off, but I will have you anyway I want you in two days, do you hear me?” he asked, closing the distance between them and backing her up against the wall. “And these,” he said, reaching out and pinning one hand behind her as he fondled her breast “and this spot here,” he whispered as his hand traveled down her body to between her legs, “will be all mine.”

She managed to free her hand just as he attempted to reach up under her slip and stabbed him in the arm with the pen. “You little bitch,” he yelled as he reached for his arm which was beginning to soak his sleave with blood. He reached out and slapped her with his uninjured limb, sending her sprawling across the bed.

“What the hell is going on here?” Vanessa shrieked, crossing the room to try and take care of a sobbing Michelle.

“William, get out of here. You have had way too much to drink and you are out of control,” she yelled, protecting Michelle from his evil glare.

“I’m sorry ‘Chelle,” he said, feigning embarrassment and regret for his actions as he walked toward them. “I’ll leave in a minute mother, I just want to apologize.”

“I’ll wait outside,” Vanessa said, standing up and leaving the room.

As soon as she was out of site, Bill leaned in close and whispered his words carefully, “You may have my mother fooled with this innocent act, but I will have you on our wedding night and I promise, your first time will be all you’ve always thought it would be and more.” As he finished his threat he leaned in and kissed her on the cheek.

“You believe whatever you want to Bill, but you will never have me in any way that matters. Not my mind, my heart, or my body,” she said, standing up and making her way to the door.

“Vanessa, I think it would be best for everyone if I just went home for the evening. Bill needs to get some sleep and cool down, I need to take care of myself where I feel more comfortable. Thank you for your generosity,” she said, ‘but I’ll be going now.”

Vanessa nodded her understanding as Michelle took the robe she had brought for her and slipped it over her shoulders as she walked down the hallway toward the door to the garage.

Michelle got in her car and without hesitation headed for the lighthouse. She needed to feel Danny’s love and be reminded of why they were doing this in the first place before things went any further. They were nearing the end, but she needed to feel the security of his arms before she could go through with the spectacle the next day, knowing that if things went as planned, she would be back in his arms again before the rehearsal dinner was even over.


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