Lighthouse Collection #36

I started collecting lighthouses after Guiding Light went off the air. It has become a way to own a part of the show. I’ve been sharing new additions to my collection. Every year for our birthdays I give my cousin Jewelsam a present from her favorite couple Quola and she gives me one from my favorite couple Manny. I was a little late on getting the photos this year, but here are my presents from Danny and Michelle this year.

handcraftedThis year’s present is really nice and a fitting addition to my collection. While Bert had Blue Willow patterned dishes, this lighthouse pattern looks like it might have been something that belonged in the Bauer House. The pattern is Casa Vero and can be found at . They have many items available in the matching pattern. Find a directory of them here:

LIghthouse teapot napkin holder and shakers

Lighthouse teapot napkin holder and shakers

I had gotten a couple of pieces before including a giant teacup that’s a plant holder. This time I’ve gotten a teapot (LOVE teapots), a napkin holder, and a set of large salt and pepper shakers. Although this isn’t high quality china by any means, it is beautiful and I think looks a lot like the lighthouse that was used through the 1990s and up to the mid-2000s. It isn’t listed as a specific lighthouse, but is a very traditional lighthouse shape.

A second lighthouse came from my sister-in-law. It’s just a decoration. It’s made of wood and besides the lighthouse itself, it features the lighthouse keepers house and even has some stones glued to it to suggest a rocky shore. It looks more like the 1970s version of the lighthouse. OK, the proportion is totally wrong, the stripes are too wide, and the stripes swirl instead of being stacked stripes, but it looks like the same kind of idea behind the color scheme.

Wooden Lighthouse

Wooden Lighthouse

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