Something About You – Part 42 by ShellyLynn

Republisher’s Note: Michelle is reacting badly to discovering her whole life was a lie.

Something About You – Part 42 by ShellyLynn

Danny sat on his sofa with his head in his hands, debating on what he should do next. He knew he should probably go after Michelle, but something told him to give her time to cool down and come to terms with things herself. He hadn’t meant to hurt her and he was sure that deep down she knew that. She would come around and realize that he only wants what is best for her.

Mikey on the other hand was going to be a different story. He thought of Michelle as a mother and Danny knew that as long as he blamed him for her leaving, he would be difficult to handle. He had stood next to his bedroom door for what seemed like an eternity, his heart breaking at the sound of his nephew’s sobs until he couldn’t take it anymore and he retreated to this place in the living room.

He wasn’t sure what to do. He knew that if he lost Michelle, it wouldn’t matter that Mikey didn’t forgive him, he would never be able to go on living. In the time they had been together, she had become his life. How do you go on living without your heart? He decided that he needed to go find her. Wherever she was, she was hurting and whether she realized it or not, she needed him to help her through it.

He picked up the phone and dialed the number of his neighbor down the hall. He apologized for calling so late and asked her to come watch Mikey for a while. When she arrived, he went to his nephew’s room to make sure he was okay. He had been extremely upset after Michelle’s departure but he hadn’t heard anything for at least an hour so he was sure he had cried himself to sleep.

As he opened the door and looked in, he was surprised to find that the bed was empty. He turned around and checked the bathroom, but was disappointed again when the open door revealed nothing but darkness. He searched the rest of the apartment quickly as his mind began to race with possible scenarios when he hit upon the most likely and also the most unnerving possibility. “I should have known you’d try to find her,” he whispered to himself, racing back out to the living room to tell the sitter the news.

“I have to go find him,” he told her, his nerves frazzled. “He’s way too young to be out at this time of night by himself.”

She agreed to stay and wait incase he returned and Danny quickly left, trying to come up with possible places that his nephew would look for Michelle. He stopped at the park, hoping that he would have come to the closest and easiest place first. He wasn’t sure how long he had been gone, but he figured that the legs of a young boy could only travels so fast. He simply hoped that he was able to find the boy before something happened to him.

He searched the park, his eyes peering through the darkness in search of anything that resembled the missing child. He wondered how could he have let this happen. He should have known that Mikey wouldn’t have given up so easily.

When he had no luck, he stopped at a pay phone and called Michelle’s cell, praying that she had it on. He was scared and he knew that no matter how angry Michelle was with him, she loved that little boy as her own and would want to help find him.

“Damn it,” he shouted, slamming his fist into the side of the stand when she didn’t answer. “This is all my fault.”

As he made his way back to his car, he passed a police officer patrolling the park. After giving him a description of Mikey and receiving the officer’s assurance that he would remain on the lookout for the boy, he climbed back into his car and began to drive the streets in search of the last remaining link he had to his beloved sister.

After two hours, he returned to his apartment and called to file a police report. He was told that until the boy had been missing for 24 hours there wasn’t much they could do but the dispatcher seemed to sympathize with him and she said she would send out a description to all the patrol cars in the area. He couldn’t believe this was happening. How had he let his life get so out of hand?

He left again, determined to find his young nephew no matter how long it took.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Oh my God, Bill,” a voice said, walking back into the bedroom. “I just heard something that you should know. Your son is missing”

“My… Really?” Bill responded, a smile breaking onto his face.

“Really? That’s all you can say? If you were half the human being I always thought you were then you would be worried sick. Not sitting here smiling like you just won some game. What is the matter with you?”

“This could really help me out. When Michelle realizes how much stronger this makes my case, she won’t have any choice but to go through with this marriage.”

“You know, Bill, ever since we were kids I wanted to be with you, but now that I am, I’m beginning to finally see what kind of man you really are. How could you possibly care about your case when your own child is out there alone somewhere at this time of night.”

“I must be even better than I thought. I knew Michelle would believe me because her love for that kid clouds her judgment, but you. I thought you were smarter than that. That little bastard isn’t mine, I never even met his poor slut of a mother,” he laughed, standing up and putting on his robe. “I need to call Mr. Bauer and tell him how much stronger our case just got.”

He started to walk past her but she grabbed his arm and spun him back around. “How on earth did you find out all those details if you weren’t really his father? How did you intend on winning the case if you aren’t related? There will be blood tests and…”

He laughed at her naiveté; “I’m surprised at you. Don’t you realize that when you have 5 of the state’s best private investigators on your payroll you can find out just about anything? Besides, I’m sure if it came down to it, there are plenty of lab technicians that would gladly change paternity results for a price…”

“You disgust me,” she said, slapping him across the face.

“Listen here young lady,” he told her, using both hands to grab her wrists and hold her in place. “You may be good in bed, but you are far from expendable. If you want to continue to enjoy life, you will keep your pretty little mouth shut and do as I tell you.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Danny returned to his apartment after hours of searching. The police were out looking for Mikey and they informed him that the best thing he could do was to return home and wait. He had refused for hours, staying out and aiding the police in their search for as long as he could stay awake. He was exhausted and when he fell asleep behind the wheel of his car, he reluctantly decided to make his way back home.

The tears that he had been holding in all night finally started to fall as he sat in silence, jumping at every sound in the hopes that it would bring news of Mikey’s whereabouts. Just as he started to drift off, he heard a noise at the door and rushed to answer it.

“Michelle,” he breathed, pulling her into his arms. “I’ve been trying to get a hold of you all night. It’s…”

Before he even finished his sentence he noticed the young boy standing behind Michelle. “Mikey,” he breathed, tears beginning to flow down his face in relief as he knelt down and pulled him into a hug, “I was so worried about you.”

“Where did you find him?”

She looked into his dark eyes, “It’s a long story,” she sighed, “Why don’t we get him into bed and then I’ll tell you everything.”

Danny picked up the sleepy child and carried him into his room, stopping on the way back to call the police and inform them that he had been found.

He sat down next to Michelle, unsure of where he stood with her, but just as anxious to find out how she was able to bring the boy home.

“After I left here, I drove around town for hours, not sure where to go or what to do. I must have turned around and come back by here dozens of times, but I couldn’t bring myself to stop. Finally, I decided to take a walk at Laurel Falls to clear my mind. I sat down by the river for a while and really thought about some of the things that have happened the last couple of days. I know that my mother loves me, but that doesn’t excuse what she did to me. She lied to me my entire life. It’s like I didn’t even know who I was anymore…
And then I thought about you…”

Danny’s heart caught in his chest as he awaited the rest of her sentence. What she was about to say could drastically change his life as he knew it. He took a deep breath as she licked her lips and prepared to continue.

“I thought about you and how much you love me. I know that you weren’t lying about that. I can feel it here,” she said, clutching her hand to her chest. “I know that no matter what happens, that will always be true, but I guess I had to reevaluate my feelings for you. If I didn’t know who I was, then how could I possibly be sure that I knew what to do with the rest of my life… and who to spend it with.”


“I know how I feel,” she turned to him and raised a hand to stroke his cheek. “I love you, Danny, I do, but I wasn’t sure what to do about my life. I don’t want to bring you into this mess of mine…”

“I want…”

“Please let me finish,” she interjected, getting his attention, “ I knew that my heart wanted to be with you, that the only time I feel alive is when I am in your arms. At the same time, I knew that by being in your life I have brought you so much pain and if you lost Mikey because of me, I would never be able to look you in the eye again. I knew that as much as I love you, I also love that little boy enough to let you go. I really wanted to do what would be best for all those involved so I began to pray. I prayed that God would help me through this, and I prayed that he would give me a sign that would tell me which path to take.”

“And…” Danny said his heart breaking a little more at every word she spoke. He couldn’t lose her, not now.

“And when I began to walk across the field, I spotted someone sitting under a tree. At first, I thought it must have been a homeless person who fell asleep, but as I got closer, I could tell that it was a child. I approached the young boy and was startled to find it was Mikey. I woke him from his slumber and as soon as his eyes adjusted enough to see me, he wrapped his arms around me, practically knocking me on the ground…”

I knew I could find you ‘Ichelle. I’m sorry. I promise Unca Danny won’t make you cry anymore if you come back. He sorry too. I love you… Please don’t leave like mommy…”

“My heart broke as I watched the tears flow down his face and I knew right then that there really wasn’t a decision to make at all. I belong here, with you and nothing will ever change that. You are the best thing that ever happened to me and losing you wouldn’t only break my heart, it would rip it out of my chest,” she told him, tears flowing down her face as she told him her decision. “I want to spend the rest of my life with you and if we have to fight until we are blue in the face to be a family, then I’ll do it to the day I die because there is nothing in this world I could ever want more.”

“Well then,” Danny said, coughing to regain his voice as he stood up, “I guess there is only one thing left to say…”

Her breath caught in her throat as he turned his back on her and moved across the room. The more distance he put between them, the more worried she became. When he finally turned around, the tears in his eyes forced a quiet sob to come out of her mouth. “Michelle,” he said as he walked back toward her.

“You don’t have to say anything…. I know I’ve hurt you and I’m so sorry, I never should have presumed that you would want that…”

“Shhhhh,” he put a finger over her mouth and then gently wiped away her tears with his thumbs. “Why do you always jump to conclusions? What I was about to say was, Will You Marry me?”


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