Ed Bauer History – The Sins of the Father

Revisit a look at Rick’s parents, Ed Bauer and Leslie Jackson. (Despite the fact that she was pretty much erased from the canvas, she really did exist.)

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I was inspired to post this to share about Ed’s history by Soap Opera 451.

Check out this information on Ed.


I had previously posted a clip from the CBS Guiding Light site (which has since taken down clips) showing Rick’s mother Leslie Jackson Bauer. As the clip is gone I didn’t think it was worth linking to the post about it, but I did want to add this quote from that post. “Leslie is a character I don’t remember and there have been several times over the years that I have wondered, but what about Rick’s mother, why don’t they ever talk about her and they don’t, NOT EVER.” The one exception from the talking about rule was when Rick and Mel’s daughter Leah was born. In a total rip off of Marah (named for Josh’s mother Martha and Reva’s mother Sarah), Rick and Mel called their daughter…

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