Your Least Favorite Bauer BBQ

Blake Working Grill

Blake Working Grill

Now everyone loves the Bauer BBQ. It featured some of the highest ratings in the Guiding Light year, but not every year can be a winner.

Was there a year where your favorite couple was on the outs? Did you really hate the decorations one year? Did it really bother you when the Minature Marler almost drowned? Were you screaming to get Gus tossed out on his ear when he showed up uninvited?

What was your least favorite Bauer BBQ? Answer in the comments below.

P.S. So yes, I did just realize I had to stretch this out one more night, but I’ll gladly take any comments about the Bauer BBQ or what you’d like to see during Future Bauer BBQ Weeks.

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3 Responses to “Your Least Favorite Bauer BBQ”

  1. glmanny Says:

    The one I have been avoiding watching again is the one Danny attended with Marina. I just don’t know that I could keep my Bauer Burger down watching it again.

    • Sue Wes Says:

      Oh my goodness— I made myself forget that year! In fact, I stopped watching at tbat point and resumed later. Marina wasnt just all wrong for Danny because of my obvious love of Michelle. She was wrong because she was the antithesis of anything Danny would fall for. She was such an annoying charecter with many flaws and they tried to recreate her (horribly) and tried to mimic manny (they also did this with Mariah and tony — tried to copy manny– gross!) marina was just so unsophisticated and she was the babysitter! She was also mivherlls friend and her dad had hx with manny. Just danny— he would never have Been interested in marina! it was almost like the writers were searching and really missed the ball.

  2. Sue Wes Says:

    This is a great question! I loved the Bauer bbq s but honestly I didn’t appreciate them until my love affair with manny! I thought the previous michelles were vacant and not interesting (until Bethany!) and the Bauer family just seemed real after her and Danny! Their bbq’ seemed more nuanced!
    Towards the end when funding was cut and props were greatly reduced, it was difficult to enjoy as much (especially with the poor camera work) but I’m glad they at least tried to continue them with what little they had

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