Passing Down the Hat by Its Only Soaps Part 1

To complete the Robbie Santos triangle, here’s another version of who Robbie should be with.

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Publisher’s Note: And I do mean publisher, this is an original fanfic that appears here for the first time. Its Only Soaps has a different take on who Robbie should end up with and I’m thrilled. I love the idea that we’ve got an honest to goodness triangle developing complete with competing fan groups. I asked the author to provide some background on a scorecard, you can’t tell the players without a scorecard. I’ve added images of what the main characters looked like when they last appeared on screen.

Author’s Note: When it comes to where people are living (back in the 90s it was established that there were four bedrooms – Ed/Mo, the guest room – Lillian was camped out there when her house was being remodeled, Michelle’s room and Bridget’s room.) So I have it set up in the following way:

  • Danny and Michelle have a bedroom (they…

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