Bauer BBQ Speech 2009

This exchange is one of the best segments of the Bauer BBQ ever. I decided it was worth sharing again tonight.

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While I might have changed a few things about Bauer BBQ 2009, it was probably the most perfect Guiding Light episode since at least 2003. One of the best things about it was the speech with was mostly written by Michael O’Leary as a tribute to Charita Bauer, who played the true Guiding Light of the series, Bert Bauer. Then it continues with the other Musketeers. While I have done posts previously about this BBQ as a whole, I wanted to share the text of this speech with the Otalia interruptions cut out.

Rick: “It’s time for the speech, who did we get?”

Michelle: “You.

Rick: “What?”

Michelle: “It’s all you now, Big Brother….. Hey, Everybody! Come gather round everybody, grab a drink. I just want to say on behalf of several generations of Bauers, thank you for coming to our annual Fourth of July BBQ and I’m going…

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