Mindy Tweets the Bauer BBQ 2011

Flashing back to an older Bauer BBQ fanfic.

Glmanny's Blog

July 7, 2011 Mindy Lewis was tweeting again. This week she let us drop in on the Bauer BBQ. A few lucky tweeters got credited as being there too (including me♥). We got to hear from Manny. However, if Mindy had asked me I’d pointed out Danny was given a turn at Bauer BBQ 2001. It was a wall of flames. Danny is a former professional bartender. Keep him serving drinks instead. ☺

I look around for Michelle and Danny, wanted to give him a turn at the grill (marry a Bauer, get handed a spatula, them’s the rules)…But they’re nowhere to be found. I ask the kids where they went, and Robbie tells me, “Daddy had something he wanted to show Mommy…”In the woods.” Oh. So that’s how it is. Well, more power to them! (God knows they hit a record # of SF weddings before they got it…

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