Tips for Photographing Fireworks

¬†It was always a big ending to the Bauer BBQ when the fireworks would go off. Some people in some years would go watch them in the park or or the yacht club or other places, but most of the time people hung out in the Bauers backyard to watch the show. Most of the time we didn’t actually see the fireworks up in the sky because we were too distracted with the fireworks of relationships being set up right before our eyes. Most times though the cast would oooh and awwwww as bursts of different colored lights played across their faces.

So I wanted to make sure people got the best advice on how to best capture your own Fourth Of July explosions. ūüôā

Now a professional photographer from the Smithsonian gives you tips on how to capture your own firework show on film (on pixel?).

And a photo of them prepping the fireworks:

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