Bauer BBQ Week Kick-Off 2015

4th of July Header

Michelle is sending you a very special greeting from the Bauer BBQ 2014.

#happyfourth #bornintheusa #freedom

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Every Fourth of July the Bauer family of Springfield host the famous Bauer BBQ. What started as a family celebration grew first into a party for close friends, and later a large event where everyone in town, including people we’ve never seen before, shows up.

This event was always a big event for fans as well usually showing unusually high ratings as even people who had stopped watching Guiding Light regularly would tune if for the BBQ. It also was very special to me so Bauer BBQ Week was the first special holiday week celebration I started. I’m continuing this year.

Bauer BBQ Week means that instead of our normal posts this week we’ll have posts that are episode guides of Bauer BBQ episodes, special informational posts on things like fireworks and food, and hopefully some Bauer BBQ fanfic set at any time with any characters as long as it takes place at and around the Bauer BBQ. If you didn’t get any written for this year. START NOW for next year when we’ll do it all again. Catch up on previous years at the latest Bauer BBQ round up post.

Thanks to Lutzie25 for creating the top image.

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