Uneven SORAS-ing

Checking back on one of my favorite posts. I’ve edited it, added headings, and clarified it in a few places.

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I thought that I had posted about this before, but it turns out that was only on the Mannyac discussion board, so I’m going to post about it here now. SORAS is an acronym that stands for Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome or less commonly Sudden Onset Rapid Aginging Syndrome. It’s used to describe when soap writers, convinced pre-teen and more so teenagers offer more storyline grist than younger children, send a child off screen for a couple of months and brings them back years older. Everyone on screen pretends they grew up in real time and it isn’t strange at all.

6 Storyline Connected Children

The uneven SORAS-ing is of Susan/Daisy Cooper – Zach Spaulding – Robbie Santos – Jude Bauer – Leah Bauer – Hope Santos really messed up the story continuity (see soap opera jargon page) in the last few years of Guiding Light. Much like

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