Josh Lewis is a Jerk and other truths

Sharing that Josh Lewis is a jerk and other truths. 🙂

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I’m sure that Robert Newman is not only handsome, with a winning smile, but he is probably also a lovely person, but I’m afraid that Josh Lewis is and always will be a big jerk. In fact, I considered calling this post “Why I hate Josh Lewis.” My anti-Josh bias will probably become apparent as I make comments on things, so I thought I might as well explain it.

First, my first favorite soap couple ever was Kelly and Morgan on Guiding Light. While by that point I had been watching for 6 or so years (I was literally started in the crib by my grandmother), they were the first ones to really capture my attention. I struggled right along with them through their own problems and through Nola Reardon’s manipulations. I was soooo happy when they got married and things seemed to finally all be right with my childhood world, even…

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