Perceptions of the law

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There is a little bit of a misstep here I think with storyline continuity in having Michelle have such faith in the system during her trial for Ben Warren’s murder. While, it does hearken back to the pre-get together for real scenes of when Michelle finds Danny at the lighthouse and the “You Know Why Scenes” overall, it white washes her past experiences. I don’t think Michelle would have had such blind faith. Let’s review.  She was friends with Roger Thorpe growing up, a man who constantly detailed the inadequacies of the legal system. She had learned first hand the drawbacks and inequality of the system with her dealings with Jesse Blue and the law. She had learned someone innocent could still go to jail like her sister-in-law Abby Blume Bauer. Even Phillip Spaulding and her brother Rick Bauer’s experiences with the law should have made her weary of being…

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