Mob as Class Barrier

I updated this one awhile ago for reblog and I’m glad to share it today because it’s one of my all time favorite posts.

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Mob in Springfield

There were fans of Guiding Light who strongly the objected to the mob being added to Springfield. Apparently the head writer at the time was known for introducing the mob into every soap she wrote and some fans wouldn’t even give Manny a chance because they didn’t want the mob in Springfield – PERIOD.  I really don’t think these people could have been paying attention because Manny was such a wonderful story, who cares about what you have to swallow to get there and the mob wasn’t the strangest thing to happen in Springfield by far. Besides the mob really wasn’t a mob story, as Danny says in the Guiding Light spoof MisGuiding Light “this is daytime, you want reality watch The Sopranos.”

Class Conflict as Romantic Obstacle

Even though I was a long time fan and didn’t particularly welcome the mob to Springfield, my take…

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