What fans want: A happy couple

Revisiting one of my favorite posts.

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Often you hear soap writers and executives say how hard it is to write for a happy couple in soaps. Well, for the most part, good writing is HARD.  😉

Manny in the Surf Manny in the Surf

However, that said, I think there is some misunderstandings on exactly what fans mean when they say they want a happy couple. First off, I really don’t think we need as much drama to keep us happy as they think. I have commented several times on various YouTube posts that I just watch Manny dance together all hour and I literally mean it. That would be an episode I’d not only watch, but re-watch over and over again. The same thing for Quola. Just thinking about the final waltz from their cotillion dance gives me shivers. Heavy drama it may not be, but it would certainly keep fans engaged. Heck, I’d watch Manny go shopping and…

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