Second Lighthouse Scene Anniversary April 21 1999

I was just checking for an episode guide post I wanted to link to and I realized that we’re really close to the anniversary of this key scene and I decided it would be good to take time to revisit it. 🙂

Wed., April 21, 1999 

Danny finds Michelle at the lighthouse

Danny finds Michelle at the lighthouse

Running into Danny at the lighthouse, Michelle admits that she never left town. She came there to try and recapture her feelings for Jesse, but instead couldn’t get Danny out of her head or her heart.

Michelle: Danny, I don’t want you to go…..Danny, you need to let me finish because I came here to think about Jesse and I can’t because…

Danny: Why not?

Michelle: Because I can’t stop thinking about you and I have tried. I have really tried, but I can’t get you out of my mind. Can I just be honest with you?

Danny: OK, please.

Michelle: OK, I came here to in a way to recapture my past with Jesse…. Jesse and I were really happy here you know and that meant a lot to me. It really meant a lot. Then! But now, all I’ve been able to think about is lying in that bed with you that night and lying next to you and I’m actually having a really difficult time remembering Jesse’s face which scares me a lot. And I’m really surprised by the whole thing because it’s not anything I expected at all and I don’t know what it is, but I can’t keep fighting it. It’s what’s happening.

Danny: I’m sorry, you were here that night, right?

Michelle: Yes.
Danny: It wasn’t some big romantic evening. If you remember, I repulsed you and you pushed me away and you cried about Jesse.

Michelle: I was upset about Jesse because I didn’t want to hurt him and I still don’t want to hurt him, but you’re my husband.

Danny: Come on, that’s nothing but a lie. You know that.

Michelle: You are going to tell me you didn’t feel anything when you were lying in that bed next to me, nothing when I walked down the aisle,  when we exchanged  vows with each other. Don’t do that, God, don’t do that, please.  Because you know that you did because I felt something, because I FELT it when you kiss me.

Danny: (Heart wrenchingly) I don’t know what you are doing, but stop it, will you stop it. I mean we were pretending. We did what we had to do to keep you alive. That’s it. That’s it.

Michelle: I can’t pretend that well. I couldn’t pretend that well if I tried. Do you know how much I wish we could just go back and make it as simple as the way that we planned as easy as that. Something happened and I don’t know what it was, but something made it real with us and I know that we deserve to make this marriage work and give it a try. Please, we need to make this work. We owe it to ourselves.  Danny, I‘ve tried so hard to fight feeling anything for you. I’ve tried so hard and I can’t and I don’t want to fight anymore.

Michelle Almost Talks Danny Around

Michelle Almost Talks Danny Around

Danny begins to give in, but when Michelle says she knows he isn’t like the rest of his family, he tormentedly cried he is and she could never live with that and he forces himself to leave. Although neither gets very far from the door they can still feel each other through.
(Highlights from the 20th and 21st)

Normally, I don’t include my comments on the episode guide pages, both to save room and to avoid spoilers for anyone going through the first time. However, the second lighthouse scene is so key I feel this part of my comments will only help clarify.

This scene reveals one of the true stumbling blocks to the Manny marriage. For a long time, Michelle fought the simple truth Danny told her that he couldn’t fundamentally change who he was and really as that’s who she fell in love with Michelle didn’t want him to really, but she was tempted and pushed and pulled trying to make him fit the image she had in her mind of what “Michelle Bauer’s” husband would be like. It was part of long time nonacceptance of the fact she was now Michelle Santos and COULDN’T go back to being Michelle Bauer anytime she got scared or hurt or just wanted to. Michelle finally accepted this truth. At the same time, Danny refused to accept that the world, the family  he was raised in wasn’t what he wanted to believe it was, what he did believe it was at this point. Eventually the only way he could protect himself, Michelle, and their children was to totally destroy his mother’s and grandmother’s ability to pull him back toward the life he didn’t want. To do that he had to turn them over to authorities. He was the only one who could really carry out Michelle’s old plan and cut out the heart of the family to save his loved ones. He didn’t want to do. He tried every possible compromise in the book to keep from doing it, but in the end he does exactly that and in doing so transcends his family and his dark legacy and saves Manny from the same fate Alan Spaulding and Hope Bauer suffered. Given a similar choice, Alan eventually chose his father’s dark legacy over Hope and in doing so destroyed her. See my Hope and Alan post for the similarities between the two couples and why I think Alan always kept a watchful eye over Manny, even after they left the show. You’ll notice when Alan first see’s Ed again during his final return in 2009, Alan knows all about Ed and what Danny and Michelle have been doing out in California.

For the romance, the fact that Michelle finally admitted to Danny she loved him (even if she didn’t use the words), and for Danny declaring this hard truth, this second lighthouse scene is a truly pivotal scene in the Manny story.

My Comments:

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