Manny Rabby Convergence

Flashback to an analysis of the Manny Rabby Convergence.

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We’re coming up on a critical part of the story in the episode guides. Frankly on the Manny side this is all Joie Lenz’s fault (not Michelle or Danny’s) because Joie was leaving and TPTB wanted Manny broken up so they could start again with the new person and ultimately get a wedding they could flashback to again with the current Michelle. So Danny gets sucked back towards a life of violence and the mob and Michelle starts making a lot of uncharacteristic moves that add up to her walking out on Danny for no convincing reason when she knew better than anybody what that would do to him and it isn’t like her life had been violence free. Sadly there will be little enough of the Manny we love from here on out until Nancy St. Alban arrives. I recently posted what is about the last true in spirit…

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