Jesse Doesn’t Want to Go Back

Why Jesse held on to Michelle for so long.

Glmanny's Blog

In this clip, Jesse is talking to Michelle after the fire at Reva’s. Jesse and Michelle are currently dating. Michelle had been caught in the fire started by a Molatov cocktail thrown by a group of thug ex-friends of Jesse’s getting revenge on them for “what they did to Roy.” Michelle’s eyes were damaged in the fire. Michelle had the bandages removed and claimed she could see to keep Jesse from staying with her out of sympathy. This scene is while she is in the hospital and Jesse doesn’t know that she is really blind.

I think what Jesse says after Michelle says she can see is really revealing. He says Michelle has made him a different person and he doesn’t want to go back to being the guy he was before. I think maybe this is why he fights his feelings for Drew for so long. He’s really afraid…

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