The Bullets Match Danny Is Arrested June 12-13 2001

Tues., June 12, 2001 – Gus tells Harley that he has some big news. He tells her that the ballistics report show that Danny’s gun killed Carmen. He has Danny where he wants him and he will be able to put him in prison soon. Harley can’t believe Danny killed Carmen. Gus tells her that the marks on the bullet are as unique as fingerprints, he did it and Gus knew it all along. Harley tells him that she doesn’t buy it; Danny was trying to go straight. Gus tells Harley that Danny killed his mother. He thinks back to when he shot Danny’s gun in the Bauer home. Harley asks if Gus has a warrant. He tells her he doesn’t yet but he will and then he will be able to arrest Danny. Michelle comes to see Gus. She tells him she heard he is in the mood to make deals and she is ready to help. He asks what she has in mind and she tells him that she has information about Maria and Carlos and all she wants is to keep Danny out of jail. Gus tells her that he will make that deal when hell freezes over. Gus tells Michelle that he is no longer interested in anyone but Danny. He thanks her for the offer but tells her that there is no deal. She leaves. Claire comes in and Michelle tells her to get out. Claire tells Michelle that she thinks she has found a way out for them. Michelle is angry and tells her again to get out. Claire tells her that she was only trying to help her and asks how she could be willing for Robbie to be without his mother for 10 or 15 years. Michelle asks if this way out has Danny covered as well because if it doesn’t, she isn’t interested and as far as she is concerned Claire can rot in jail herself. Claire tells Michelle that Gus can’t force her to testify against herself without a deal. She tells Michelle that she is trying to get him to extend immunity to Michelle as well. Michelle tells her that she wants nothing to do with her. She walks over to the door and opens it for Claire to leave. Tony is there about to knock. He is upset and asks if he can see Danny. Michelle tells him that everyone in Springfield think the Santos family is the only family that turns on each other but it isn’t true. She tells Tony that her mother, pointing to Claire, betrayed Danny and her by working with Gus and wearing a wire. Tony can’t believe it and stares at Claire. He asks why she would sell Danny out. He tells her that she is as low as a person can get. Claire tells him that people like him sell each other out all the time. She tells Tony that she saved Danny. Michelle tells Claire that Tony saved Danny as well. Tony tells Claire that in his world people like her end up dead. She argues with Tony and he tells her that he doesn’t have to put up with self-righteous people like her and she had better get out. Claire turns to Michelle who tells her she shouldn’t have come there in the first place. Claire leaves. Tony is upset and apologizes to Michelle for talking to Claire like that. She tells him he just beat her to it.

Wed., June 13, 2001 – At the Bauer House: Michelle is having breakfast with Rick and Danny. She is wondering why they haven’t heard from Gus lately. Buzz calls from Company to ask Michelle if she left her blue scarf there. She says it isn’t hers, but it’s too late, Buzz has spilled the beans to Rick who as a matter of course passes the information on to Danny. But she doesn’t deny talking to Gus, even though the most important men in her life take it badly. Danny and Rick want to know what that was about and she reluctantly tells them that she was trying to offer Gus a deal. She was going to give him Maria and Carlos if he would leave Danny alone. Danny already realized that Gus is only after him and she should stay away from him. Danny is scared Michelle had a plan and would do such a thing, reminding her how she had left evidence against herself the last time she tried to do something. Michelle tells Danny that she doesn’t want to lose him and when he threatened to turn himself in to keep her out of trouble, she strongly objects and will turn herself in with a confession if he does. Michelle has to leave to attend to Robbie leaving Rick and Danny alone. Danny tells Rick he may need his assistance dealing with Michelle. He says he will turn himself in rather than let Michelle go to jail. He apologizes for getting the family into this but Rick says Danny IS family and he supports him. He tells Danny that he doesn’t deserve what is happening to him either. Tony comes in and tells Danny Josh fired him (over a trumped up charge when Tony was doing really well and connecting with Billy, but Josh Lewis is a Jerk) and he needs to have his old hours back at Inferno. Tony admits he punched out Vince Russo (who I’m sure deserved it), but is very loud towards Michelle and Rick too feeling that “people like them” look down on people like him.” Danny: “Hey,hey  don’t talk to them like that, they don’t deserve it. They’re on your side.” Danny and Tony go outside to talk and he tells Tony that Rick and Michelle are on their side as far as the feds go, but he wonders what happened with Marah. Would Marah continue to support Tony or would she dump him or worse turn on him? Tony doesn’t really want to rehash it anymore than to ask for the extra hours. Danny tells him that he knows how he feels about Marah and he is worried about Tony. Danny tells him that if Marah is the right girl it will work out but either way he should stay cool. He tells Tony that he should get out of there and he goes back inside. Michelle is worried about Tony as well and tells Danny to invite him to the BBQ that evening to cheer him up. Just then Gus knocks on the door and arrests Danny for the murder of Carmen. He reads him his rights and Danny tells Michelle to call Ross. As they are cuffing Danny, Gus sees Tony and arrests him as well for the assault on Russo. The police and Gus take them away. Gus: “This ugly face of yours, save it for somebody else.  Take a look around you, Danny. Take a look at the trees on the way to prison and take a deep breath because it’s the last breath that you’re get in this miserable unimportant life of yours.” (just a couple of minutes then it flips over)

My Comments:

This is a great time period for Michelle clothing style. I just love these outfits. Really ever since she gave birth. I still don’t know why Gus never referenced the fact Michelle was going to bring down the Santos family and met with FBI agents around the time of their second marriage. It HAS to be in her FBI file. Also, Michelle should have reported all of Gus’s behavior, especially THIS to Gus’s boss. Not being motivated by personal vendetta, his boss might have taken the deal. I’m glad Harley is at least standing up for Danny and Michelle. She really should know there is more to the story – she trusted them to watch her kids! Michelle always needs to tell Danny everything. Things always go wrong when they aren’t truthful to each other.

This is great so many ways. First, the Bauer/Santoses are sitting down to breakfast together and it’s informal and family like. Then we have a nice example of Michelle trying to face the problem heads on. We have her finally and unwillingly confessing. We have Michelle and Danny each being willing to sacrifice themselves for each other. You have Rick supporting Danny. All great stuff. I linked to Josh is a Jerk above, but it’s still true and short sighted on Josh’s part. Sorry we don’t have more of the Tony/Danny/Marah from this part of the story. Once again while I’m grateful I find clippers rather myopic. Actually Gus would have to literally read Danny his rights because the supreme court has ruled that no matter how many times they’ve said it, the officer’s memory that they said all their Miranda Rights can’t be trusted on its own. 

Nice Bloss moment. I wish they had expanded that too.

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