Trish Lewis Leaves Town

Trish Lewis

Trish Lewis

It’s November 1985 and Patricia “Trish” Lewis is leaving town because she got a PR job with Spaulding out of town that was supposed to take two months. It will end up being more like two decades. Trish would sometimes be mentioned in terms of Billy and Josh’s childhood, not where she is now. Even Marah and Shayne who were frequently sent out of town to stay with an off-camera Uncle Rusty, they never visited an off-camera Aunt Trish.

Although you wouldn’t think it from later storylines, Trish was the first Lewis to come to Springfield. Her immediate connections were with Vanessa Chamberlain who was an old friend (although Vanessa had never met Billy) and Holly’s younger ne’er-do-well brother, Andy Norris. Norris was her ex-husband who had been a gold digger who took all of Trish’s money and 1/2 million dollars of Lewis family money. It was Trish’s initial infatuation with Andy that lead to her estrangement from her family. It was Trish’s problem with her father that was copied when Josh and Billy came to town. Trish’s affair with Alan was one of the last straws that broke his and Hope’s marriage. Trish worked as Ross’ campaign manager and was part of the story when Alan had cocaine planted in Ross’ car to get him out of the DA office.

Although for a time she ran a bar she got from Andy in the divorce, Trish’s main job was in PR. This let her easily move between business stories and political stories as needed. It really was a great gimmick and one the show would later exploit with Blake Thorpe Spaulding Marler.

For some background this sequence was before the big reveal about the true parentage of Billy and Kyle. Despite what various characters believe at this moment Kyle is NOT H.B.’s son. It was Kyle’s belief that H.B. was the father who abandoned him and his desire to get revenge that is driving his actions. To learn more about that check the link to the post below the video. Billy and Vanessa as you can see are marvelously happy right now. Trish and Ross had been dating, but broke up over her continual habit of putting her family before him (to which I say “Ross, grow up!”) and his knowledge that she had an affair with Alan.

They played up the drama in this sequence with Trish going back and forth about leaving, but that waffling really was typical of Trish. When it’s decided Trish will definitely go, Vanessa gives Trish a blank travel diary and Billy gives Trish Miss Martha’s cameo. Miss Martha had said Billy should give it to his wife, but Vanilly had discussed it and decided it should go to Trish.

Billy revealed to be Miss Sally’s biological son instead of Miss Martha’s (Kyle is his half-brother through Miss Sally):

Here are some of Trish’s important dates in Springfield.

  • Trish came to town – August 1981
  • Trish left town – November 1985
  • Trish returns for one day – September 11, 1997 for H.B.’s funeral (note this was before WTC attack so date no real world significance)
  • Trish comes back for Jeva’s 2002 wedding: Jeva on Wedding Story on TLC – June 7 – 11, 2002
  • Trish is last reported on screen living in Paris, France.

If you’d like to learn more about Trish and her time in the spotlight of Springfield, check out her profile:

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