Claire Is Furious June 8 2001

Lakeland Country Club LogoFri., June 8, 2001 – At the Lakeland County Club Bar, Claire is at the bar and calls Allan’s attorney Russo and tells him to get to the Country Club pronto. She’s angry and tells him that she took his advice to wear the wire, worked her butt off to get Danny to confess. Danny found the wire, she got kicked out, her daughter hates her again and that the FBI won’t accept the deal. She goes on to tell him that Mr. Spaulding will not be happy about this when he returns. Rick shows up at the bar and asks Claire isn’t she too old for the prom. She tells him not to be annoying. She tells him to get on with it. He asks what. She replies that she knows he has something to say about what she did to the family mobster. Rick wants to know what she did now. She explains that Gus has proof that Michelle burned the files and that he can use it to send Michelle to jail. Rick wants to know how Claire knows this. She explains her deal she made with Gus and tells Rick about wearing the wire. She tells him about Danny finding the wire and how things have gone from bad to worse. The two of them trade several insults. Claire explains that all she ever wanted to do is help Michelle. Rick is angry and tells her that sending Danny to prison for life is not exactly helping Michelle. Claire asks when Rick jumped on Danny’s bandwagon. Rick doesn’t answer the question but wants to know where things stand now. Claire says that she thinks that Gus is using Michelle for bait. She also says that the Feds want Danny not Michelle. Alan’s attorney walks in. Claire tells Rick to leave. As he leaves, Rick tells Claire not to forget her priority — save yourself.

Sorry no clips of this exact thing that I’ve found. This is more fall out from previous scenes although Rick versus Claire would be well worth seeing. Since I don’t have much to comment about here, I will expand that the actor who plays lawyer Vince Russo is the real life husband of Crystal Chappell’s aka Olivia Spencer’s husband. He is a soap hopper in his own right and will appear as Russo occassionally for the next few years when a slimy or extra lawyer is needed around town. I think he must have enjoyed it. He stops just short of mustache twirling. 🙂


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