Soap Opera Coma

Every Friday night, I try to post another term of Soap Opera Jargon. Find previous entries on the Soap Opera Jargon page on this site. I haven’t had a chance to get this published on Friday night for the last couple of weeks so I’m going ahead and posting it tonight.

Soap Opera Coma – Like soap opera dead, soap opera comas happen far more common than in real life and have much happier outcomes. I found a post where they actually made a scientific study of soap opera comas, see link below for the popular press summary.

And below this for a link to the actual journal article. It’s open source so anyone can read it for free. ūüôā

Out of 64 identified soap opera comma cases (it’s unclear if these are only main characters or if they include “patients” of main characters at the various hospitals in soap towns, if they include patients & recurrences in a single character that total seems low):

  • Nearly nine out of 10 fully recovered
  • 8 percent (five ‚Äúpatients‚ÄĚ) died
  • 3 percent (two ‚Äúpatients‚ÄĚ) remained in a vegetative state

They also identified several “causes” or types of soap opera characters falling prey to comas; Recast Coma, Moonlighting Actor Coma, Fantasy/Self-Growth a la It’s a Wonderful Life Coma. Like soap opera death, these have been used past the point of meaning, but unlike soap death they weren’t usually meant to be taken all that seriously to begin with. Actors who’ve filmed a coma story tell interesting stories about falling asleep during these scenes and about how hard it is to lie style and not react while other their scene partners are emoting like crazy for their Emmy bait scenes. Both Danny and Michelle were among the soap opera coma victims on Guiding Light, although they were both plot driven and meant to make the other one see how they really felt about their significant other and their life. Sadly Michelle’s ended in the deep, dark, best forgotten amnesia year. See Soap Opera Dead

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