Hispanic Presence on Guiding Light

This post talks about the Hispanic presence on “Guiding Light.” GL had consistently featured different ethnic groups, but this was a very welcome variation.

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Anyone who has been a soap fan very long has heard the accurate complaints about the lack of diversity. There is still an unfortunate tendency to isolate black characters and the number of Hispanic, Asian, or anything else remains very low. One strong attempt to help correct the balance was adding the Hispanic Santos family to Guiding Light. Originally just supposed to be a short run of a character, Danny Santos, the Manny pairing was so popular that it bulldozed through planned story. Given the chance to introduce the family, they were very deliberately made Hispanic rather than going with the stereotypical Italian mob background. This in turn did bring in new viewers, although the family sadly didn’t last very long.

Hispanic magazine did a feature story on their presence in Springfield in the June 2002 issue.

They pointed out that of 40 cast members….“5 are Latino and…

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