Who’s Been Sleeping In My Bed?

This is also this second part of Valentine’s Day 2006. As I mentioned before, in early 2006 they were throwing everything against the wall. Today’s episode is the opposite side of the melodrama that was yesterday’s episode. Today we try a stand alone comedy episode. It was an “Inside the Light” episode that originally aired Wednesday, February 15, 2006. It isn’t the entire episode, but it’s a good part of it. I’ve added short highlights that I found from the day before and the day after.

The Beacon

The Beacon

Frank asks Olivia out for Valentine’s Day. Billy: “I’m tired of people hurting each other and calling it love…you and Josh…all the scenes….hurting him and hurting yourself. You’re better than that.” Olivia-Josh-Buzz-Frank are playing who will be with who, as are Josh-Reva-Billy. Olivia gives a rather self-serving speech to Emma about men. Emma’s dad Phillip is gone at least in part because Olivia drove him nuts and Emma’s step-dad Bill Lewis is gone because he couldn’t live with Olivia knowing she deliberately got his dad drinking again. So is it really fair to say that they abandoned Olivia? I think not. Also, since when does Company sell greeting cards?

Olivia plans on spending Valentine’s night with all the Coopers and Josh at an inn she’s looking to invest in. Everyone arrives. Olivia Spencer, Frank Cooper, Buzz Cooper, Ava Peralta, Coop Cooper come in at once. Marina Cooper and Alan-Michael Spaulding were already there heavy petting in front of the fire.  Things sort of settle down and then Josh Lewis shows up.

That’s the set up now to the “Inside the Light” episode. It’s the morning after Valentine’s Day, Wednesday, February 15, 2015, and everyone is gathered at the inn. There are clues galore that one of the pairs had energetic sex the night before, but which pair? The audience has all this episode to figure it out.

Olivia wakes up and looks around hallway where all rooms open out of. Everyone wakes up. Lizzie and her dog Roxie shows up wanting to know what’s going on with Coop and Ava. Clues are dropped from a pair of martini glasses (one with lipstick) to a condom wrapper that one couple had sex the night before. A flashback shows Olivia having an intimate conversation with Alan-Michael. Her next flashback is with Josh who shares a drink. Then Frank gets Olivia in his room with a missing light bulb snare.
 (Part 1)

Later that morning Frank and Buzz drive back to Company. Frank hints that he didn’t get a lot of sleep, but was pretty happy with what did happen last night. Frank flashes back to his conversation with Olivia where he urges her to be with him and they kiss. Back at the inn, Josh wants to talk with Olivia about last night, but they are interrupted by Ava. Ava remembers her and Coop set off the fire alarm the night before. Olivia remembers stopping by Josh’s room. Olivia and Ava have a nice moment that very heavy handedily foreshadows Ava and Olivia being mother and daughter. Olivia makes a move on Josh who resents Olivia’s manipulation and turns her away. Olivia throws herself on her bed in tears. Someone comes to the door of her room…
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qjfy3lJXv1s (Part 2)

Olivia brings Ava back to Company. Frank is sure he and Olivia will be together. Then DUH, DUH, DUH we discover via flashback that it was Buzz at the door. Buzz and Olivia fell on her bed and Olivia takes out the condom wrapper which Lizzie found in the trash.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HcDuqb8eyXM (Part 3)

It’s now Thursday, February 16, 2006. Apparently this is the day where nobody sees anything right under their nose. Reva shows up at Josh’s where she finds him sending flowers to Olivia. Over at Company, Buzz is remembering his night with Olivia when Frank shows up. Buzz squirms as Frank tries to tell him about his relationship with Olivia. Olivia shows up at Company. Although Olivia enjoyed her night with Buzz, keeping his friendship is more important to her than having a romance. Frank almost catches Olivia and Buzz kissing, but somehow misses it. Olivia shows up and her and Reva tear into each other.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDRKoIn8Z-g (Part 1)

Olivia and Reva and Josh are talking and Josh is sick of both of them. Frank isn’t scared of competing with Josh, but wants Buzz to help him get Olivia. Buzz explains to a sleeping Frank why he’s going to stand back and let Frank have Olivia.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xV2CWorbYOI (Part 2)

Note this whole episode they keep showing the Beacon logo sign. It matches my keychain above.

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