Valentine’s Day 2006 Part 1

Early 2006 was a strange time in Springfield. They had gotten rid of Phillip Spaulding after driving him crazy and then writing him off the show. They had written off Manny. They were destroying the lovely Cozzie (I mean with a couple code like that how could you NOT love them) in favor of an Ava and Coop pairing that was clearly just desperation to find something for Ava to do until they were ready to the big shocking reveal she was Olivia’s daughter (which was pretty evident from the beginning). They had brought in a de-SORASed Alan-Michael Spaulding who was actively sexually pursuing his erstwhile daughter Marina. In other words, they were throwing everything at the wall in hopes that something would stick. This is the serious half of Valentine’s Day that year, in the next post check out the humorous side.

Of all these stories, probably the worst one was where Alan manipulated Beth into marrying Alan. Alan had been committed for claiming Phillip was alive and trying to prove it. (He was of course correct, but the clinic Alan had stashed Phillip in had let him wander off after the pay checks stopped coming while Alan was in lock up.) Gus managed to muck up Alan’s sanity hearing and Gus and Alan disappeared the day Alan was released. The limo they left in was found crashed by the river. An exhaustive search merely turned up Gus’s bloody coat in the river. Everyone was convinced they were dead and held memorial services (which are linked to below). Instead they had been found by Beth who had a psychotic break with reality. Beth had knocked out Alan, Gus was already unconscious. Beth drug them both to a deserted house and talked Rick into giving her sedatives and she kept them both knocked out for most of the month of January.  In February, Beth either decided it was time or ran out of pills and Gus and Alan both woke up. They discovered themselves locked in a strange room. Beth eventually revealed herself as their captor. She claimed she had only kept them there and locked up because there was a huge snowstorm that came through. At first Alan and Gus fought separately for survival trying to talk Beth into letting them go once they figured out the snowstorm was a lie. Beth was trying to get them to make peace with each other.  Beth fought back against both men, declaring she was in charge and in control. At that time Alan and Gus decided they had to work together to survive. With Alan’s help, Gus managed to escape, but didn’t get far and Beth dragged him back to the cabin (this is where the clip is below). Eventually in convoluted fashion they all basically were rescued through a series of deals and pretended it never happened.

This year Valentine’s Day focuses on Gus.

Buzz and Olivia and Frank have a conversation before Cooper’s Gus’s memorial service. The Spauldings are holding a memorial for Alan. Alex and Olivia have a conversation about Alan first.

Harley and an astral Gus spend Valentine’s Day in the framework of their new house (they never finish it until they sell it to Marina). Harley and Gus  have an argument over having a real fireplace instead of a gas one and starting a fire. (Part 1)

Harley gets the fire started. Nice bit with the song Smoke Gets In Your Eyes. (Part 2)

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