Vanessa Chamberlain and Billy Lewis Wedding

One of my all time favorite Guiding Light couples is Vanessa Chamberlain and Billy Lewis (Vanilly) despite all the garbage they put each other through, they truly were at their best together. I had fondly remembered their first wedding “I’m not leaving this spot until I marry this woman.” What I had TOTALLY forgotten was that it was on Valentine’s Day. I found it by accident when desperately looking for things to post for Halloween this last year so I posted the Masquerade Ball because they were wearing costumes. I didn’t realized until I kept watching the clips that they actually got married on Valentine’s Day. The first Vanilly wedding was on February 14, 1984.

Billy Throws Vanessa Over His Shoulder

Billy Throws Vanessa Over His Shoulder

Vanessa and Billy actually got together partially because Vanessa did not react well to the attention her daddy gave her newly discovered half-brother Quint as he married his true love Nola Reardon. She saw Billy as an easy mark, as a way to get money and attention from her father H.B. and Vanessa was a challenge to Billy. They’d long ago gotten past that and realizing they had something special, they’d been engaged. Alan Spaulding had decided he wants to marry Vanessa for business reasons so he brought Reva Shayne to town to break them up. Reva finally managed it, but they couldn’t stay apart. Eventually they got back together, but they’ve had another fight and are on the outs again. Their attention is only focused on each other, but Alan Spaulding thinks he has Vanessa convinced to marry him and Billy has brought up a ringer (Lucile Rogers) from Tulsa just to get under Vanessa’s skin. Reva and Vanessa had locked Billy’s date in the closet in the Ladies Room.

Be aware this is from the Guiding Light Memory Project which features very short clips, so don’t be put off by the number. The quality of the clips isn’t great, but the storyline and acting are.

To check out the whole event with description and clips and a set up of the ongoing storylines that you’ll see tonight:

Masquerade Ball:

But before the wedding catch up on how Billy meet Vanessa.

Vanilly Wedding

Vanilly Wedding

Vanessa’s dress is a pretty typical wedding dress shape for the mid-1980s. It was not common in other dresses, but they wanted it to look wedding-y in the end. I was thinking Billy stuck to his not move decree, but they actually give it an hour to throw it together which is good fun.

Vanessa calls Billy on his crap and insists he admit his feelings and they fight. (Part 1) (Part 2)

Alan proposes to Vanessa in the room where Billy and Vanessa met at Quola’s engagement ball

Billy gets jealous watching Alan and Vanessa dancing

Vanessa tells Billy that Alan proposed. Vanessa: “Billy, put me down!” Billy: “Not until we get this thing settled. Alan: “What do you think you’re doing?” Billy: “Something I should have done a LONG time ago.” Billy, still with Vanessa over his shoulder, punches Alan.

Bill insists Vanessa marry him right now. Henry: “Billy Lewis! Turn my daughter right side up or I’ll turn you inside out.” Vanessa and Billy are looking for a minister and find the rector of St. Paul’s.

Billy and Vanessa send Ross and Trish to get their wedding license in his office desk drawer.

Vanessa asks Henry to give her away. Vanessa talks about her feelings for Billy. Vanessa: “I love him, I just love him.” Mindy is organizing the wedding and being pretty plain about how much she loves Vanessa.

Billy and Lewis are drinking in Vanilly’s room. Josh and Billy discuss the loves of their lives. They have one of those great heart to hearts the Lewis family always have around weddings. Billy asks Josh to be his best man. Josh says Billy needs to ask H.B. instead. Vanessa calls Trish her best friend and tells her about the girlfriend in the closet. Vanessa asks Trish to be her maid of honor. H.B. agrees to be Billy’s best man. H.B.: “But you may have to jump aside yourself a few times. Vanessa ain’t no cow pony, Billy. She’s a high stepping filly who will trample you underfoot  if you ever let go of those reins.” Mindy says she is still having problems finding everything she needs for the wedding.

Alan gives Reva a hard time for not breaking up Vanilly. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. During the Alexandra-Reva confrontation they are playing a My Fair Lady medley.

Actual Ceremony

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One Response to “Vanessa Chamberlain and Billy Lewis Wedding”

  1. Amber Says:

    i’am a big fan of Billy Lewis the II because i liked him when he was younger because he was gorgeous and handsome and i never liked vanessa chamberlain because she was never right for him because i’am right for him and not vanessa because vanessa always makes him feel guilty and miserable all the time vanessa has no respect for him she doesn’t know what Billy likes and he wants she doesn’t make Billy happy at all

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