Soap Opera Magazines Update Feb 2015

What does a reference librarian do when their interest in something deepens? They build a reference library collection of course! So I’ve been collecting books about soap operas and soap opera magazines. I want to create a list as complete as possible. I had been playing around with this idea for awhile and finally decided it was better to share what I had and see if anybody had anymore information.

This is the first update (the second post) and I did get some feedback and corrections last time. My idea is to share information about what resources are available for you own soap opera research. Some of these titles were given to me second hand and it’s possible that titles are remembered slightly wrong and some of these might be duplicates. I’ve added date ranges, publication frequency, soaps covered, and ISSN (older publications came out before this standard came into place and may not have one). If I didn’t have the end of the range, I have included a notice on the most recent copy I personally own. If you have an issue later than mine, please let me know to help me identify a clearer idea of the date range. If I couldn’t find the information for this pass, I didn’t include it, but I’ll keep looking. I also didn’t get the full information copied in for the In Depth publications, so look for that next year. I hope future postings will give better information with your help.

  • ABC Soaps in Depth – 1997 – Present, Every other week publication, ABC Soaps only,
  • Afternoon TV – 1969 – ?, Latest issue I own August 1983 14.12, Monthly Publication, All Soaps, ISSN 0164-6508
  • Afternoon TV Stars – November 1973 – ?, Latest issue I own September 1974 1.6, Monthly Publication, All Soaps
  • The Best of Daytime TV – ? – ? Latest issue I own 1979 No. 4 (Celebration of the 1970s), All Soaps
  • CBS Soaps in Depth – 1996 – Present, Every other week publication, CBS Soaps only, ISSN 1533-967X
  • Daily TV Serials
  • Daylight TV – Continued under the title Soap Opera Stars
  • Daytime Digest
  • Daytime Serial Newsletter,1207640
  • Daytime TV – 1970 – ?, Latest issue I own March 1997 27.7, Monthly Publication, All Soaps (at least some special one soap issues – Days of Our Lives is the example I own from December 1991), ISSN 0011-7129
  • Daytime TV Super Special – 1974-?, First is from 1974 No. 1, Latest Issue I own 1974 No. 2 (25th anniversary of daytime TV), All Soaps
  • Daytime TV Soap Opera Special – possibly alternate title for Daytime TV Super Special
  • Daytime TV Stars – ? – ?, Latest issue I own January 1974 No. 6, Monthly Publication, All Soaps
  • Daytime TV Yearbook
  • Episodes
  • NBC Soaps in Depth – 1997 – 1999?, Every other week publication, NBC soaps only,
  • Rona Barrett’s Daytimers
  • Soap Opera Digest –  November 1975 – Present, Weekly Publication, All Soaps, ISSN 0164-3584
    Contact and Back Issues
    Wikipedia Report
  • Soap Opera Illustrated
  • Soap Opera Magazine
  • Soap Opera News
  • Soap Opera Stars – 1975 – ?, Monthly Publication, All Soaps ISSN 0199-3003, Is noted that it was previously published under the title of Daylight TV. It doesn’t say whether the volume, issue started over at that time.
  • Soap Opera Update – 1988 – ?, Latest issue I own October 4, 1994 VII.40, Weekly Publication?, All Soaps ISSN 0898-1485
  • Soap Opera Weekly – 1989 – April 10, 2012 , Weekly Publication, All Soaps ISSN 1047-7128
  • Soap Stars
  • TV By Day
  • TV Dawn to Dusk
  • TV Day Stars – 1972 – ?, Latest issue I own March 1977, Monthly Publication, All Soaps,
  • TV Radio Mirror –? -?, Latest issue I own March 1955 43.4, ?, TV and radio shows in general, but does articles about soap operas
  • Weekday TV
  • Who’s Who in Daytime TV
  • Young and the Restless Magazine

Soaps in Depth Report:

As I move forward, I want to confirm these names, confirm any name changes (magazines are always changing names, ask any serials librarian) during the run, the run dates (publication start-publication stops), how often it was produced and if that ever changed, the ISSN, and if any library holdings. Sadly I don’t expect too many library holdings, popular magazines are often not collected by academic libraries who archive old copies and public libraries who do buy popular magazines don’t keep deep archives, but we can hope. And maybe if any institution starts collecting in this area we might be able to donate someday for instance the University of Iowa actively collects old zines now based off a collection donated to them. I still have resources to check for some of the information, but if you can tell me a title I missed or provide the ISSN, the run dates, or any other information about soap opera magazines, please comment below or contact me at Watch for future posts.

And for more soap opera research news like Soap Opera Conference on Facebook and on Twitter.

Thanks to @itsonlythesoaps for an addition to the list.

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