Carmen and the Code

Revisiting one of my past favorite analysis posts. Find more on the GL Analysis page.

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Carmen raised Danny to believe in a mob Code of Conduct. The part that was most closely involved with the story was “la familia es segrada,” the family is sacred. You never kill family. Later, it is revealed that Carmen had done exactly that already before we even met her. Some fans felt that this invalidated this early part of the story (why the marriage saved Michelle’s life), but I never did.

Some fans thought that Carmen believed in this code herself, but I never thought so. Danny not only believed in the code and lived by it, when we meet him he genuinely believes everyone else in “his world” lives by it, too. However, he is almost constantly being proven wrong about this as time and again he’s disappointed in someone he thought would live up to the code and they don’t.

I believe that while the code exists…

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