Legal Maneuvering May 25-30 2001

Fri., May 25, 2001 – At the Bauer House: Michelle comes home and tells Danny that Claire seems nervous after talking to Gus. He hugs her and tells her that Claire really doesn’t know anything more than what she did but he is a little upset that she is talking to Gus at all. Michelle says Claire doesn’t like Gus any more than they do. Danny tells Michelle he doesn’t trust Claire but she can’t sell him out on this one. The phone rings and it is Abuela. Danny asks Abuela how is Fidel treating her. She asks Danny if the line is safe. She says they are puzzled and thought he would be indicted quickly but she heard the evidence was lost. She wonders if all the evidence has disappeared. Danny says the feds are still investigating Carmen’s death and she should stay away. They end their call and Maria turns to Carlos and tells him he can go home, even Danny doesn’t know what Carlos knows about Carmen’s death. She asks him about the thugs who kidnapped Michelle for Carmen. Carlos says one is dead and the other will keep silent for fear of becoming dead. Maria tells Carlos she doesn’t think Danny should be punished for killing his mother. Michelle is upset to hear from Maria but Danny kisses her to try to reassures her. He leaves to go to work. Rick comes in and Michelle offers to make him some dinner. She asks him to hold Robbie while she cooks but he tells her he can’t hold the baby right now. She asks if something happened at work. He says he had a busy day and is very tired. He needs some space. Michelle thinks he is acting weird and wants to know what is really wrong. Rick says he isn’t hungry and goes out to the yard. Michelle gets on the phone to Phillip. She says something is wrong with Rick and asks him to come over.

Not sure which day this is, but I think it’s Tues., May 29, 2001 – Alan and Claire are having a lovely lunch in the Spaulding Study, but Claire is distracted. Alan urges her to confide in him, but Claire doesn’t think she can without getting Alan in the difficult situation too. Alan has arranged for his lawyer Vince Russo to take on the case and he stops by. At the police station, Gus justifies his actions to Harley who admits she saw Claire the night before and she was jumpy. Russo urges Claire to tell him everything under attorney client privilege. Gus sees that Harley has a sonogram and wants to see it which Harley agrees to, before Rick (the father) has seen it. Rick keeps calling, but Harley is avoiding his calls. Alan comes in and talks with Claire. Claire: “Is there a limit to forgiveness?” Alan: “I certainly hope not.”…. Alan: “There is a reason they call it a Family Tree, you know. Millions of things happen to it, but it still stands. It still grows.” (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5)

Wed., May 30, 2001 – Harley comes back into the office and finds Aitoro at her desk. Gus argues that Danny and Michelle killed Carmen. At the Police Station: Claire comes in with Russo. She is against the deal but Russo is telling her to take it. They go into Gus’s office and Vince tells Gus his client will wear the wire but under certain conditions. He wants Claire to be granted transactional immunity but Gus is against it. Russo asks how many time she will have to wear the wire and Gus tells her that she will wear it as many times as it takes. Claire tells Gus and Russo to get on with it. Gus gets the wire and tells her how to put it on and that it is voice activated. The recorder will be taped to the small of her back and the microphone will be either in her jacket or in her cleavage. Claire puts the wire on and Gus tells her that it will be fine but she needs to get used to it for a day or so before she goes to talk to Danny. Claire tells him that she thought time was money and she is intent on going right away. She leaves. Danny is back in his office on the computer when Claire arrives. Danny asks what she is doing there and she tells him she doesn’t want anything to spoil her relationship with Michelle or Robbie so she has come to clear the air. (Only the very beginning is for this day)

My Comments:

I love Claire and Alan are talking together. I don’t think we’ve ever seen anyone eating in a small table there in Alan’s study before. Russo was a continuing character. He was played by Crystal Chappell’s real life husband. This scene is typical of Harley’s pregnancy. As far as she knows, she is showing Gus the sonogram before she shares it with Rick the baby’s father. They will continue this pattern even after the baby’s birth as Gus is presented as the true and right parent for Jude and Rick is depicted as an obstacle or an unnecessary appendage in his son’s life. This is terribly unfair because all his life Rick wanted a child to replicate the special relationship he had with his grandmother Bert. He had several painful near misses and when he finally has this child and later Leah he is pretty completely cut out of their lives. I really like that Claire does agonize over this deal. It shows that some of the Claire I used to love is still there. I would think Russo would want to talk to Gus personally before he comments on the deal. I think Harley has a photo of Susan/Daisy on her desk. Good for Harley for defending Danny and Michelle. It’s truly too bad because until Danny dumped that body in the lake they really weren’t involved in any of this. I think Claire should tell everything to Alan. Alan is being very supportive here and share the same outlook. So why did Alan who has none Michelle her whole life called her MICH-elle like Carmen used to.

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