Something About You – Part 10 by ShellyLynn

Republisher’s Note: Frankly I think this story is MUCH better than the Vision one the author keeps talking about. It isn’t that good. Anyway Danny is a poor college student raising his nephew and Michelle is a socialite.

Author’s Note: I’ll try to get the next part of Vision… done soon.

Something About You – Part 10 by ShellyLynn

“How are you feeling, buddy?” Danny asks as he cautiously enters Mikey’s room. He can’t believe this happened and he feels terrible about not only what allowed this to occur, but also the way he treated Michelle. She came through for him and helped him out of a very tough situation, but all he could see was the wealthy power play she put over that doctor. He has been on the other side of those before and knows how helpless and lowly they can make you feel.

“It hurts,” the little boy responds as he points to his belly. “I don’t feel vewy good.”

“I know,” Danny sighs as he makes his way over to the bed. “I’m so sorry I let this happen to you. I shouldn’t have left you with her. What made you drink that stuff anyway?”

“I was thirsty and there was no more milk cause I had ceweal today. She was dwinking it so I did too. It was yucky,” he says as he makes a gagging gesture that despite everything makes Danny smile.

“Then why did you keep drinking it?”

“I still was thirsty and my throat hurt,” he explains. “Where Ichelle?”

“She went home,” Danny replies shortly.

“Why she leave? I want her,” Mikey says as he starts to cry, “I want Ichelle to make me better.”

Danny looks at the little boy before him and knows he can’t resist at least trying to find her. There is still a small chance that she hasn’t left yet. “Okay, I’ll go see if I can catch her,” he says as he watches Mikey brighten up a little. “I’ll be right back.”

He rushes out of the room and runs down the hall turning the corner and heading for the elevator.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Michelle sits down in the hospital hallway and puts her head in her hands. She couldn’t possibly understand how Stacey could have done this and it hurt her that Danny blamed her for it. Did he really think she had any idea that her friend would bring alcohol to baby-sit a five-year-old child?
She would never do anything to endanger Mikey and she thought he knew that. She still feels guilty though. Danny is fighting so hard to take good care of his nephew and because of her, that relationship was in jeopardy. Shes just glad that her spoof with the doctor worked. In his situation, she knew Danny couldn’t afford to have this kind of incident reported.

She hears footsteps rushing down the hallway and looks up to see what is going on. “Danny?” she said as the figure runs past.

“Michelle?” Danny answers, slowing down and turning around. “Thank God you’re still here. I was trying to catch you.”

She smiles warmly at his statement. Maybe he isn’t that upset with her after all, at least he wants her to stay. Maybe this relationship was still salvageable.

“Mikey wants to see you,” he says without a matter-of-factly.

“Oh,” she sighs as realization sets in. He doesn’t want her around, he was only asking for his nephew’s benefit. She found that that not only surprised her a little, it also disappointed her a lot. She had thought that she could feel something happening between them. Did she really imagine it all? One thing is for certain; she didn’t want to disappoint the adorable child that was waiting for her. “Sure, I’d like to see him too.”

They walk silently back to Mikey’s room and when they enter, she walks over to his bed while Danny stands near the door, leaning against the wall with his arms crossed over his chest as if to close himself off. She couldn’t tell what he was thinking or feeling.

She turned her attention to Mikey, and his feelings were obvious. Despite the obvious effects of the incident and lingering alcohol, he smiled brightly at her appearance. “Hey sweetie,” she says as she sits down next to him on the bed, gently brushing the curls off his sweaty forehead. “How are you?”

“I okay,” he says, trying to be brave as coughs. “You’re such a big boy,” she says, “I’m so proud of how you are acting. I’m sure it must be pretty uncomfortable.”

He nods in response, still holding his belly. “It huts,” he admits as a tear rolls down his chubby cheek. “I sick.”

“I know,” she says as she gives him a half smile. “But you’re going to be okay. Your Uncle Danny is going to take very good care of you.”

“You too?” he asks hopefully. “You help me too?”

“I don’t think I can honey,” she says, throwing Danny a look asking for his help. She doesn’t think he would appreciate her being around and she doesn’t want to make Mikey any promises she can’t keep.

“Michelle’s pretty busy, Mikey. She doesn’t have time,” Danny interjects as he takes a step toward them.

“Why not?” Mikey asks sadly. “Pwease? I’ll be good boy. I pwomise I won’t be bad.”

“I know you wouldn’t,” Michelle answers, tears welling up in her eyes. “You’re always such a good boy.”

“You going leave me too,” he says as he turns his back on the duo and begins to cry.

“No,” she interjects firmly. “I’m not leaving you. I’ll still see you,” she says, looking helplessly at Danny who is just as thrown by all of this as she is. Mikey had only been around Michelle a few times, he couldn’t believe he was already so attached. He hadn’t realized just how much the child needed a mother figure.

“Yeah,” Danny says as he joins Michelle at Mikey’s side. “She will still come see you.”

“Pwomise?” he asks as he turns his tear stained face to meet their eyes and yawns.

“Yeah,” Michelle says as she takes his tiny hand in hers, “I promise. Now you need to go to sleep,” she says as she places a kiss on his forehead. “I’ll see you soon.”

“Nite Nite,” he says as he starts to drift off.

“Good night, sweetie,” she says as she stands up and motions for Danny to join her in the hallway.

“I know you’re mad at me,” she says as soon as the door closes behind them, “but I care about that little boy and I want to be there for him.

“I know,” Danny admits. “I’m really sorry about earlier. I was just so scared and upset, but I shouldn’t have taken it out on you and for that I apologize.”

“I’m sorry too,” she says, “I really thought Stacey would be great. I don’t know what got into her.”

“It’s not your fault,” he admits, “I guess I just needed someone else to blame. I know you wouldn’t have put him in danger on purpose.”

“So,” she says, shoving her hands in her coat pockets.

“So,” Danny says, fiddling with the buttons of his tuxedo. “I hope we can still be friends.”

“Sure,” she answers, slightly disheartened by his use of the word. She had really thought that there was something more than that developing between them. “I’d like that.”

“I guess I’ll see you tomorrow then,” he says, “I’m going to see if I can take Mikey home tonight. I know how much hospitals scare him and I don’t want him to stay any longer than necessary.”

“Good idea,” she tells him. “I’ll give you a call.”

“Okay,” Danny says, “Thanks.”

“It’s my pleasure,” she responds. “That’s a very special boy.”

“Yeah,” Danny says, turning to leave, “it is.”

“Yeah,” Michelle says as she begins to leave the hospital. She is walking past the administration desk when she decides to stop. She isn’t sure how Danny is going to react to what she is about to do, but she can’t help herself. “I’d like to take care of a bill,” she says, “for Michael Santos.”


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